'Jacket Internship Financial Assistance Eligibility Request


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Career Services is pleased to offer the Jacket Internship Financial Assistance (JIFA) Program to you. If you qualify and are completing an unpaid internship, related to your major, in our community, this funding may provide you up to $1350.00 in an hourly wage during your internship.

This program, which will provide funds to students beginning Spring 2016, is the product of the UW-Superior Career Ready Internship Initiative, Creating Paid Internship Opportunities for Students with Financial Need made possible through a grant from Great Lakes Community Investments.

To be eligible, you must have filed a FAFSA for the current academic year, and have a completed financial aid package with demonstrated unmet financial need. This will be confirmed by the Financial Aid Office. Please note that completion of this form gives the Financial Aid Office permission to share eligibility information with Career Services. After review, you will be contacted by Career Services regarding the results.

Students participating in the JIFA program must also meet the following requirements by the time of their internship:

  • Junior or Senior in good academic standing
  • Registered for internship credit during the term of their internship
  • Approved by their academic department advisor

Please allow three to four weeks for eligibility determination.

Funds are not available for transportation costs, child care, student teaching hours, or on-campus internships.

please note on campus internships are not JIFA approved