Make an Appointment

Handshake account activation is required prior to making an appointment. Activation takes about 2 minutes. You can bypass the profile categories step by clicking the Skip button in the top right. Contact Career Services with any questions.

If you are selecting “Career Counseling” in the Appointment menu, please complete the Career Counseling Form before you request your appointment.


  1. Log into Handshake (use same login as E-Hive)
  2. Click Career Center and select Appointments
  3. Select Career Services
  4. Select the appropriate appointment type
  5. Select the desired date
  6. Select the desired appointment slot - you can filter by staff member and other criteria at the top of the page
  7. Select the desired appointment medium (in person, online or phone)
  8. Add a note about how we can help
  9. Click Request
  10. The staff member will need to approve your appointment. Check back in Handshake for your appointment status.