Darren Gordon

Interview with Darren Gordon


Name: Darren Gordon

Major, minor, and graduation year:Transportation Logistics Management, 2008

Job Title: Driver Manager

Organization/ Place of work: Halvor Lines Inc.


You're a Driver Manager, what does that entail? What are your duties or responsibilities?

-My main duty is to take care of the truck drivers.I have to watch their hours of service and make sure they are running legally. I also have to make sure they are running on time to their deliveries.The biggest duty I have is probably making sure these drivers go to where we want them to go, path and destination wise.

What are the highlights of your job that you enjoy most?

- My highlight is that every work day is different. You are dealing with different kinds of issues each and every day.

What are the challenges that you face with your job that are not enjoyable?

- Communicating with truck drivers can be very difficult, especially in the position that I am in.I have never driven a truck before, and yet I am telling these drivers what to do.It can be very challenging for all of us to see each other's sides.

How do you spend your work days? Do you spend a lot of time office/lab/meetings/outside/___?

-I spend all of my work day in my office.

How did this type of job/field interest you and how did you get started?

- After hearing about the degree Transportation Logistics Management, I became interested in it and heard that the job placement had a positive outlook too. I changed my major and got started.It wasn't difficult.

What qualifications did you need to obtain this job?

-I needed to have an open mind and a good personality to deal with all kinds of people. Having a bachelor's degree helped, but having some experience in the trucking industry is needed as well which can be accomplished through an internship or a previous job.

What personal qualities or abilities do you believe contribute most to success in this job/field?

-My ability to treat others how I want to be treated.I find it is very easy to get along with drivers if I just treat them as equals and not as their management boss.

What organizations were you involved in College that helped you towards your career?

-Being in the Transportation and Logistics club at school really helped me prepare for the kind of jobs that were available in the working world.I really enjoyed the presentations and field trips we got to take while being part of this club at UWS.

What degree/s is appropriate for this line of work?

- Some level of degree in a Transportation related field.

Where and/or what do you hope to be in 2-5 years? 5-10 years? What are the keys to this career advancement?

- In 2-5 years I hope to be working towards a higher position here at Halvor.I'd like to get into the sales side of this company if possible.In 5-10 years I hope and plan to be in some kind of sales position.

What was the best piece of advice you received and from who that helped you towards your career?

- "Get your foot in the door when you can, and then make a good impression when you start work.Work hard and have a good attitude and good things will come about." 

Do you have any advice or "words from experience" for a college student interested in this job/field?

-Make sure you are a patient person and that you have the open minded attitude to deal with truck drivers.It is a very difficult task at times.

If you knew all this back in college, what would you say were the most important classes? Is there anything you would have paid more attention to? Any additional classes you would have taken?

-All of the transportation classes offered at UWS are great.I would have added some classes that focus on the trucking industry though because when I was as UWS I didn't focus my learning on the trucking industry.

In college, people claim that a bachelor's degree isn't enough anymore and that you need a master's or doctorate degree to get your foot in the door.  What's your opinion?

-I believe a bachelor's degree is enough if you have the right attitude/personality and related experience.You have to be able to stand out and impress people with your educational/experience background, and ability to talk and influence others.