Resumes and Letters


The resume provides an opportunity to market yourself and highlight your strengths. The average HR official takes 30 seconds or less to skim through a resume so it is important to present a strong and clean document.

Much of your formatting and enclosed information, depends on the field you want to go into. Consider the following examples when creating your resume.

Resume Formats

General Formats

  • Resume Formatting Suggestions: This document contains formatting suggestions, resume Do’s and Don’ts, and items we frequently address on student resumes.
  • Nanny/Babysitting Resume: This format is very useful for individuals who have minimal work experience.
  • Fast Food Resume: This format is best used for students who had retail/foodservice jobs or other part time customer service type jobs.
  • Business Management Resume: This format is for someone who has a varied employment history and has been involved in other clubs/organizations/volunteer work. Juniors/Seniors should focus on this type of resume.

Industry Specific Formats

Tips and Tools

Resource Videos

Check out these videos for help editing your resume! Additional videos on resumes, letters, and other topics can be found on the Career Resource Videos page.

Tailoring Your Resume
Personalizing the Resume

Incorporating Action Verbs
Incorporating Action Verbs

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