Community Partners

The University of Wisconsin-Superior as a partner

The community and the University have a lot to learn from and share with each other. Allow us to connect you with university faculty and students to assist with meeting the community's, or your organization's, most pressing needs.

We are an open door to the University for our community. Get in touch with us today to begin exploring what a partnership could accomplish for your organization or community initiative.

Becoming a partner

UW-Superior's Academic Service-Learning (AS-L) would like to thank you for your interest in becoming a community partner. Simply put, becoming a partner means your organization will be able to work alongside our service-learning students to meet your prioritized needs. We're excited to work with you throughout the partnership process to ensure that the necessary steps are taken to form a strong and sustainable partnership. Contact us to begin the process.

UW-Superior AS-L student with pupils looking at rocks

Academic Service-Learning benefits to our community partners

Hosting students at your company or organization can help:

  • Fulfill your organization's, or particular program's, goals or needs.
  • Complete tasks that you have had to continue putting off due to lack of time.
  • Provide energy, disciplinary expertise, and a new perspective.
  • Identify potential candidates for open positions.
  • Enhance positive relationships with the University.
  • Support student learning for our future workforce.
  • Provide awareness-building of community issues.

What makes Academic Service-Learning unique?

Academic Service-Learning (AS-L) has similarities to volunteering and internships but is always connected to a course and has its own unique qualities.



Volunteering/ Community Service

Academic Service-Learning


Primary Intended Beneficiary


Recipient and Provider


Primary Focus


Service and Learning


Nature of Service

Based on Interest

Based on Academic Learning Outcomes

Based on Career

Partnership examples

UW-Superior students contribute to the Twin Ports area through their service to a variety of community partners in both classroom and online-based courses. Economically, UW-Superior "Service-Learners" contributed nearly $1 million hours in service to our community during the 2012-2014. Below, examples further illustrate a few of our collaborations during the 2012-14 academic years.

The Superior School District

Working directly in elementary through high school classrooms, 614 AS-L students tutored, facilitated reading habits interviews, gave bullying presentations, held book talks and discussions, provided newsletters with nutrition information, taught music and poetry, and assisted in a variety of afterschool programs. In all, AS-L students, who were enrolled in 48 different course sections, donated an impressive 8,585 hours to the Superior School District.

UW-Superior AS-L students teach music to pupils

Boys and Girls Club of the Northland

In 14 varied course sections, 107 graduate-level counseling and social work Academic Service-Learners have worked with several chapters from the Boys and Girls Club of the Northland, providing 2,665 hours of leadership, mentoring, and friendship to help kids of various racial, cultural, language, and economic groups in the community.

UW-Superior students study and serve at Boys and Girls Club

Center Against Sexual & Domestic Abuse (CASDA)

In 11 varied course sections, 134 Academic AS-L students donated 1,362 hours to the Center Against Sexual & Domestic Abuse (CASDA). Students created referral material for use at CASDA, assisted with organizing "Speak Out Superior," which is a community rally and march against sexual and domestic violence, and also created unique writing projects dedicated to empowering and advocating for women. CASDA provides supportive services to individuals hurt by domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse while promoting a community effort to end violence.

UW-Superior students do AS-L project for CASDA

City of Superior

In 3 course sections of Writing and Library Science, 58 Academic Service-Learning students worked with the City of Superior, donating 875 hours.  Students interviewed City Councilors and created a newsletter for City Councilors to highlight community news and accomplishments from the previous quarter, which supplied a connection between civic servants and the community. 

UW-Superior students do City leaflet project for academic service-learning

For more community partner examples, please review our Biennial Reports: