English as a Second Language (ESL)

090 Speaking for Academic Purposes (2) Focus on developing oral skills needed to participate effectively in classroom discussions on an advanced level. Students are introduced to aspects of effective discussion and elements which make or break communication. Emphasizes the process of controlling a conversation, participating in a group discussion, leading a group discussion and debating. In addition to group discussions, students learn about the process of planning, organizing and delivering an effective presentation. F10, S11, F11, S12

091 Reading Academic Texts (3) Provides high-intermediate and advanced-level ESL students with opportunities to become more efficient and flexible readers. Content of the course is broad and of general interest, and consists mainly of unadapted academic material. F10, S11, F11, S12

092 Writing for Academic Purposes (3) Focus on English composition beyond the paragraph level with emphasis on writing for academic purposes. The writing process of thinking, planning, writing, rewriting and editing is practiced along with control of grammar. Students are introduced to the major rhetorical modes of English writing. Also discusses the issues of limiting a topic, determining an approach to a topic, organizing content and assessing the audience. F10, S11, F11, S12

093 Notetaking in Academic Lecture (3) Provides structured practice in the skills and subskills of listening to university lectures and taking notes. Begins with adapted materials and moves on to semi-adapted materials and finishes with student visits to class lectures on campus.  Specific practice in subskills like listening to large numbers and developing a personal set of abbreviations for use is also included. F10, S11, F11, S12