Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS)

095 Collegiate Study Skills (3) Designed to enable the student to improve those areas of reading which have been found effective in successful college performance. Available to all students. Techniques to improve rate, develop study skills, and read with greater understanding will be developed.

100-110 First-Year Seminar (3) Each seminar fulfills one general education requirement; depending on scope of academic content, some also fulfill diversity or non-Western requirements. Seminars will be limited to 15 first-semester students, who may take only one seminar.

115 First-year Seminar-Peer Mentoring Lab (0) Laboratory experience for students registered in any of the First-Year Seminars.

130 Introduction to the College Experience (1) Designed to help students successfully transition into the university setting. Topics covered will be helpful for academic, personal and social success. Designed to give students the tools needed to succeed and have a productive and engaging university experience.

195 Collegiate Relationships (3) Interdisciplinary approach explores the relationship between the general principles of human relations and our everyday lives. Students are given the opportunity to achieve a deepened sense of awareness of themselves and others. This understanding will enable students to improve their relationships at school, work, in the family, and in society. Students examine basic processes of human interaction, particularly as they are affected by race, ethnicity, gender, age, and ability and cover issues such as: social influence processes, conflict resolution, small group theory, diversity, power in relationships, and group learning techniques.  

296 Introduction to Distance Learning (1) An overview of distance learning theory and applications, including use of technology, library services, academic support, and information literacy. Pass-Fail only.

297 Exploring Majors and Academic Possibilities (1-3) Introduction to academic and major exploration. Emphasis is on self-discovery and decision-making as they relate to personal preferences related to academic curriculum and major decisions. Pass-Fail only.

298 Portfolio Development (1) Analysis and evaluation of prior learning experiences in the context of academic requirements and goals. Development of a portfolio for assessment of prior learning for credit. Designed for students with significant life and work experiences. Prerequisite: Approval of instructor. Pass-Fail only.

300 Individualized Educational Planning (1) Identification of educational, career and/or personal goals and the process of developing the individually designed major plan. Pass-Fail only

305 Tutoring Practicum (1-3) (This course is not listed in the print version of this catalog.) Tutoring practicum in math, writing, or reading/study skills designed to develop competencies needed in peer tutoring with college students.  Skills in content tutoring and interpersonal relations will be developed through a training program.  Practicum involves 5-10 hours per week including tutoring, preparation time, and staff meetings.  Prerequisites: ENGL 101, 102 or WRIT 101, 102; MATH 240, or college-level reading/study skill proficiency.  Permission of instructor and Student Support Services lab director required.  Limited enrollment.   F10, S11, F11, S12.

350 Graduate Record Exam (GRE) Preparation (2) Provides an overview of and preparation for the Graduate Record Exam (GRE). Students prepare for and/or improve their scores with specific strategies on each of the GRE general sections; verbal, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing. Specific focus to success on the computerized version of the GRE. S11 and S12 and Summer McNair sessions.

495 Capstone Experience (2-3) Integration of the competencies of the Individually Designed major in a contract format. A presentation of the outcomes of the learning experience is required. The instructor of record is selected from faculty panel of the major depending on the focus of the learning contract. Students should register for IDS 495 as the last or one of the last course enrollments. Prerequisite: Admission to the Online Learning Center.