Mathematics Education (MTHED)

230 Foundations of Mathematics for Elementary Education I (3) A first course in mathematical concepts and techniques designed to meet the mathematical needs of students in the Elementary Education program. Topics include: logic, sets and counting; numeration systems; natural numbers; integers; rational numbers; real numbers; and the arithmetic for these various systems. Satisfies the Mathematics requirement for general education. Prerequisite: Acceptable score on the Mathematics Placement Test or completion of MATH 102 with a grade of at least C- (MATH 112 and MATH 130 do not fulfill the prerequisites for MTHEd 230.) F10, S11, F11, S12

231 Foundations of Mathematics for Elementary Education II (3) Continuation of MTHEd 230. Topics include: concepts of algebra, fundamentals of two- and three-dimensional geometry, and an introduction to counting techniques, probability, and statistics. Prerequisites: Completion of MATH 102 and MTHEd 230 with grades of at least C-. F10, S11, F11, S12

305 Tutoring Practicum (1-3) Tutoring practicum designed for secondary mathematics teaching majors and minors to develop competencies needed in peer tutoring with college students. Skills in mathematics content tutoring and interpersonal relations developed through a training program. Practicum involves 5-10 hours per week including tutoring, preparation time, and staff meetings. Prerequisite: MATH 240. Permission of Student Support Services lab supervisor required. Limited enrollment. F10, S11, F11, S12

323 Teaching Elementary/Middle School Mathematics (3) Study of the theories, models and strategies for teaching mathematics concepts and skills to elementary/middle school children (ages 6-12/13; grade 1-7/8). National and state standards guide the conceptual framework for this course. Kindergarten pedagogical and content issues will be addressed to comply with Minnesota licensure requirements. Concurrent enrollment in MTHEd 324 is required. Prerequisites: MTHEd 231 or permission of the instructor and admission to the Teacher Education program.F10, S11, F11, S12

324 Laboratory Experience in Elementary/Middle School Mathematics (.5) Students investigate personal teaching skills, plan lessons and participate in practical experiences with elementary/middle school children (ages 6-12/13; grades 1-7/8). Concurrent enrollment in MTHEd 323 and admission to the Teacher Education program is required. F10, S11, F11, S12

339 Teaching Mathematics and Computer Science in the Secondary School (3) General principles and problems of teaching mathematics in grades 5-12. Topics include: organizing teaching activities; teaching materials and resources; and current methodology. Student activities include classroom presentations, a formal paper, and 20-25 hours of laboratory experience. Prerequisite: Admission to the Teacher Education program. S11