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Natural Sciences Education

Natural Sciences Education

2010-2012 Catalog

Natural Sciences Education

321 Teaching Elementary/Middle School Science (3) Study of the theories, models and strategies for teaching science concepts and skills to elementary/middle school children (ages 6-12/13; grades 1-7/8). National and state standards guide the conceptual framework for this course. Kindergarten pedagogical issues addressed to comply with Minnesota licensure requirements. Concurrent enrollment in NSEd 322 is required. Prerequisites: General Education science requirements for the Elementary Education major, or permission of the instructor, and admission to the Teacher Education Program. F10, S11, F11

322 Laboratory Experience in Elementary /Middle School Science (.5) Students investigate personal teaching skills, plan lessons and participate in practical experiences with elementary/middle school children (ages 6-12/13; grades 1-7/8). Concurrent enrollment in NSEd 321 and admission to the Teacher Education program are required. F10, S11, F11

339 Teaching Science in the Secondary School (3) General principles and problems of teaching science in the secondary schools. Emphasis on organizing activities for teaching, materials, resources, current methodology, and participation in the classroom. Prerequisite: Admission to the Teacher Education program. Does not count toward chemistry major or minor. (Lecture two hours). S11, S12

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