Social Studies Education (SSED)

331 Teaching and Field-Based Experience in Elementary/Middle School Social Studies (3) Techniques and principles for the powerful teaching of social studies in the elementary/middle school (ages 6-12/13; grades 1-7/8). Kindergarten is also covered for those seeking Minnesota licensure. Emphasis on planning and conducting programs for knowledge and concept development, and teaching strategies for the social studies. Includes 20 hours of off-campus pre-student teaching classroom experience. Concurrent enrollment in TED 323 and admission to the Teacher Education program required.

339 Secondary Methods in Social Science Education (3) Principles and problems of teaching the social sciences at the Early Adolescence-Adolescence Level (EA-A). Emphasis on activities, lesson plans, materials, resources, and current methodology in social science education both in integrated (fusion) courses and academic discipline courses. Required for EA-A teacher certification Social Studies, History, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology. Prerequisite: Admission to the Teacher Education program.