Academic Staff

 Academic Staff

Lisa Madewell, Senior Lecturer
Dan Rau, Senior Lecturer

Physics Minor

A minor in Physics requires 20 credits in physics courses plus the supporting courses of one year of calculus (MATH 240-241). Ten of the required credits in physics courses are PHYS 201 (or PHYS 107 and 205) and PHYS 202 (or PHYS 108 and 206). The remaining 10 physics credits must be selected from physics courses numbered at the 300 or 400 level, except that PHYS 300 and NSEd 339 may not be counted. CHEM 345/347 (prerequisite of CHEM 105-106) may be substituted for five of the upper-level credits; however, course credits may only be counted double with a comprehensive major.

Physics Teaching Minor (EA-A)

Students desiring licensure to teach physics at the early adolescence through adolescence level must complete the Physics minor described above as well a teachable major field of study. All Secondary Education students must also meet the Professional Education Requirements (see the Secondary Education information under the Teacher Education section of this catalog) including completed of NSEd 339 Teaching Science in the Secondary Schools. Course work in chemistry, physics, and earth sciences is recommended in preparation for the Praxis II exams. See advisor for recommended classes.