Reading/Language Arts for Elementary


Ms. Rebecca Ardren, Senior Lecturer
Dr. Peggy Marciniec, Associate Professor
Dr. Cecilia Schrenker, Professor

The Reading/Language Arts minor is to be planned by the student in consultation with his or her advisor. A plan for the minor must be filed with the advisor at the time of the student's application for admission to the Teacher Education programs. Modifications in the plan may be made only with the consent of the advisor. The minor must be taken in connection with the Wisconsin MC-EA licensure (ages 6 - 12/13; grades 1 - 7/8th) which requires taking TED 407 and appropriate student teaching. This minor equips a prospective teacher to support the Wisconsin Model Academic Standards for English/Language Arts. For questions, contact Dr. Marciniec.

The Reading/Language Arts minor is housed in the Writing, Reading, and Library Science Department.

Required courses:

A minimum of 21 credits to include the following:

LIBS 310        Young Adult Literature -- 3 credits
READ 406      Children's Literature  -- 3 credits
READ 463      Developing Literacy Pre K-3 -- 3 credits
READ 464      Developing Literacy, 4th-12th Grades -- 3 credits  
READ 465      Using Literacy Processes in the Content Areas -- 3 credits


Select from the following courses. These courses added to the above required courses should total 21 credits for the minor. Courses selected reflect the areas of oral language, writing and literature. 

COMM 125     Beginning Acting Studio -- 3 credits
COMM 211     Interpersonal Communication  --  3 credits
COMM 251     Principles of Persuasion  --  3 credits
COMM 273     Fundamentals of Oral Interpretation of Literature --  3 credits
COMM 332     Communication in Conflict --3 credits
COMM 467     Intercultural Communication  --  3 credits
WRIT 215      The Writer's Craft: Poetry and Drama  -- 3 credits
WRIT 216      The Writer's Craft: Fiction  -- 3 credits                                         
WRIT 209      Business and Professional Writing  --  3 credits
WRIT 301      Writing Creative Nonfiction  --3 credits
ENGL 221       American Literature I --3 credits
ENGL 222       American Literature II -- 3 credits
ENGL 228       Multi-Ethnic American Literature --3 credits
ENGL 229       Literature by Women --3 credits
ENGL 241       World Literature I -- 3 credits
ENGL 242       World Literature II --  3 credits
WRIT 251      Creative Writing: Memoirs --3 credits
WRIT 252      Creative Writing: Poetry --3 credits
WRIT 307      English Grammar --  3 credits
ENGL 405       History of the English Language --3 credits