Sustainable Management

Faculty and Academic Staff

Mei Cao, Assistant Professor
Jerry Hembd, Associate Professor
Melissa Nelsen, Associate Professor
Gregory Trudeau, Professor, Academic Director

The Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Management is an interdisciplinary program that helps students gain a broad understanding of the ways in which business systems, natural systems, and social systems intersect. The curriculum includes courses in:

  • Environmental studies
  • Triple bottom line accounting
  • Natural resource management
  •  Information systems
  • Logistics, supply chain management, and sustainability

With a Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Management, you will be qualified to help businesses and organizations develop sustainable practices for a global marketplace while helping to preserve natural resources and strengthen community.

The major is offered through online study in collaboration with partner universities UW-Parkside, UW-River Falls and UW-Stout, with support from UW-Extension.  It is based in the Department of Business and Economics, and supported by the Online Learning Center. Additional information is available at  

Sustainable Management Major (Comprehensive)

63  credits

Required courses:

SMGT 115      Environmental Science and Sustainability -- 3 credits
SMGT 230      Triple Bottom Line Accounting for Managers -- 3 credits
SMGT 235      Economics in Society and Sustainability  --   3 credits
SMGT 240      Technical Writing for Sustainable Management -- 3 credits
SMGT 310      Ecology for Sustainable Management  -- 3 credits
SMGT 315      Global Environmental Chemistry  --  3 credits
SMGT 320      Energy for Sustainable Management  --  3 credits
SMGT 325      Natural Resource Management -- 3 credits
SMGT 330      Marketing for a Sustainable World  -- 3 credits
SMGT 331      Sustainable Organizational Finance -- 3 credits
SMGT 332      Economics of Environmental Sustainability -- 3 credits
SMGT 335      Management and Environmental Information Systems  -- 3 credits
SMGT 340      Organizational Behavior and Sustainability -- 3 credits
SMGT 350      Operations Management and Sustainability -- 3 credits
SMGT 360      Environmental and Sustainability Policy  -- 3 credits
SMGT 370      Logistics, Supply Chain Management, and Sustainability -- 3 credits
SMGT 430      International Management for a Sustainable World  --  3 credits
SMGT 435      International Development and Sustainability -- 3 credits
SMGT 440      Systems Thinking  -- 3 credits
SMGT 460      Environment and Society  --  3 credits
SMGT 495      Sustainable Management Capstone -- 3 credits