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Accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music, the UW-Superior Music Department has a long-standing reputation for training excellent musicians. This enables our graduates to gain admission to leading graduate schools and to hold positions as performers, teachers and professors throughout the United States and abroad.

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Aldridge, Erin - Associate Professor

Berryhill, Dennis - Lecturer

Bombardier, Bradley - Senior Lecturer

Bustos, Nixon - Applied Music Critic

Bustos, Pamela - Assoc Professor/Dir of Bands

Deterling, Ian - Clerical Helper-LTE

Gibbens, Tracey - Sr Lecturer, App Music Critic

Gilbert, E Beth - Professor, Piano

Guderian, Lois - Asst Prof, Music Educ Coor

Hoeschen, Kevin - Senior Lecturer, Viola

Jones, Brett - Assoc Professor, Percussion

Kaiser, Tyler - Lecturer/Guitar/Composition

Lawrence, Sarah - Senior Lecturer, Music

Luzaich, Dana - Academic Dept Associate

Madison, Vicki - Associate Professor, Voice

Madison, Jeffrey - Lecturer

Moore, Gregory - Professor, Jazz Program

Olson, Matthew - Senior Lecturer, Music

Rausch, Deborah - Senior Lecturer, Applied Music

Roytz, Christina - Senior Lecturer

Salemink, Earl - Applied Music Lecturer

Sandor, Alexander - Senior Lecturer

Sever, Melanie - Lecturer

Stevlingson, Norma - Professor

VanBrunt, Laurie - Applied Music Critic

Wheeler, Matthew - Accompanist

Zimmerman, Larry - Senior Lecturer

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MUSI - Music
Catalog Nbr.Course Title/Course TopicsCredits
MUSI 515Mixed Ensemble0.00 - 3.00
Study and performance of music suitable for mixed ensembles. Offered provided a sufficient number of students register to make a practicable group. May be repeated for credit.
MUSI 550Concert-Recital Evaluation0.00
Attendance and evaluation of a specified number of concerts and recitals within and outside of class time. Written reviews of concerts required if taken for credit. Required of music majors and minors. Open to all students. May be repeated to a maximum of six credits per numerical level.
MUSI 558Harpsichord Repetory1.00
Study of repertoire and pedagogy for various instruments and voices. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.
MUSI 575Composition4.00
Organization of musical ideas into logical and homogeneous form. Prerequiste:: MUSI 274 or consent of instructor. Open to Compostion majors only.
MUSI 576Composition4.00
Original composition with emphasis on traditional forms. Prerequisite: MUSI 274 or consent of instructor. Open to Composition majors only.
MUSI 589Music elective0.00 - 99.00
Music elective.
MUSI 638Applied Music-Harpsichord4.00
Private instruction in voice, keyboard, guitar, and band and orchestra instruments. Open to performance majors only. May be repeated for credit. No fees for full-time music majors studying their major instrument. Prerequisite: consent of instructor and/or an audition.
MUSI 675Composition4.00
Writing songs, choral and instrumental pieces. Prerequisite: MUSI 375, 376 and 377, or consent of instructor. Open to Composition majors only.
MUSI 676Composition1.00 - 4.00
Original composition in large forms. Prerequisite: MUSI 475 or consent of instructor.
MUSI 689Music Elective0.00 - 99.00
Music elective.
MUSI 789Music Elective0.00 - 99.00
Music elective.

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Music Department
University of Wisconsin - Superior
Holden Fine and Applied Arts Center 1100
Belknap and Catlin Ave.
P.O. Box 2000
Superior, WI 54880
Phone: 715-394-8115