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Assessment of student learning is critical for the assurance and improvement of institutional excellence. UW-Superior is committed to assessing student learning goals and outcomes at the institutional and curricular/co-curricular program levels. All faculty and staff participate in assessment activities in their appropriate capacities.

Assessment plans, activities, and results are regularly updated at

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The UW-Superior Undergraduate Liberal Education Learning Goals (LELGs) were established in 2010 to implement the UW System's LEAP Wisconsin Initiative. They were revised in 2011 with the approval of the Faculty Senate.

  • The ability to think and make connections across academic disciplines
  • The ability to express oneself in multiple forms
  • The ability to analyze and reflect upon multiple perspectives to arrive at a perspective of one's own
  • The ability to think and engage as a global citizen
  • The ability to engage in evidence-based problem solving

LELGs will be regularly assessed by direct and indirect measures. Assessment results are used to improve curricular and co-curricular offerings and to bring equity to educational opportunities and experiences to all students.

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The General Education Student Learning Goals were revised and approved in 2012. The General Education Committee is responsible for planning and implementing assessment activities and review assessment results.

Discipline-specific student learning goals and outcomes are assessed by the faculty and staff in the given academic program. Each program selects learning outcomes and methods of assessment appropriate to the discipline. Assessment Liaison in each department facilitates the process.

Campus Life Student Learning Outcomes Top of Page

The Campus Life adopted student learning and developmental outcomes established by the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education. These outcomes are assessed by multiple methods.