Dept of Polit, Law & Justice Course Descriptions

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CJUS - Criminal Justice
Catalog Nbr.Course Title/Course TopicsCredits
CJUS 300Police Administration3.00
Principles of administration and management as applied to police agencies; study of police organizational structure and the responsibilities and inter-relationships of administrative and line-and-staff services; analysis of the nature, purpose and functions of major law enforcement operations including patrol, investigation, traffic, research and juvenile divisions.
Typically Offered:
Spring Term Every Other Year
LSTU - Legal Studies
Catalog Nbr.Course Title/Course TopicsCredits
LSTU 302Legislation & Legal Proces3.00
Examines drafting, revision, implementation, adjudication and revision of statutory enactments. In addition to exercises in statutory interpretation, students produce mock bills, to be evaluated and revised. Cross listed as LSTU 302, POLS 302/502.
LSTU 364Legal History and Literature3.00
The history and development of American law from its pre-colonial origins to present and the way that these developments are reflected in our culture, expecially literature and law.
POLS - Political Science
Catalog Nbr.Course Title/Course TopicsCredits
POLS 185First Year Internship3.00
Provides an opportunity for entering students to have a hands-on experience of politics in the Twin Ports. The first sessions focus on theory and then give way to the individual placements, arranged by the instructors in consultation with each student. Open to all entering students; required of POLS majors.
Typically Offered:
Fall Term Every Other Year
POLS 201Politics of Sexuality3.00
This course has two focal points. First, it raises the question of sexual desire in order to understand it as a moral concern. Second, it studies American judges' and legislators' recent efforts to recognize and accommodate the variety of its expressions. Topics include: same-sex marriage and domestic partnership arrangements; hate speech and hate crime legislation; privacy and the AIDS epidemic; statutory definitions of sex and gender; dress codes and the regulation of sexual identities. Cross listed as PHIL/POLS/WST 343.
General Education Requirements (2016-17 and Prior Catalogs):
Typically Offered:
Spring Term Every Other Year
POLS 202The Origins and Politics of Protestant Fundamentalism3.00
Study of the origins of Protestant Fundamentalism and of the political behavior of its adherents in the United States. Protestantism and political liberalism. "Higher criticism", biblical inerrancy and Fundamentalism. The Scopes "Monkey Trail." The intelligent design/evolution dispute and its impact on public education.
POLS 270International Peace Studies and Film3.00
A number of films are analyzed which address global issues such as the arms race, social justice, human rights, sexuality and others. Examines the political climate in which these movies take place and are in while they are made.
POLS 271International Peace Studies and Literature3.00
Political writings — poems, essays, novels, and biographies — will be analyzed that allow for greater understanding of the socio-economic, political and economic conditions of different countries at various stages of their development within the international system.
POLS 302Legislation & Legal Proces3.00
Examines drafting, revision, implementation, adjudication and revision of statutory enactments. In addition to exercises in statutory interpretation, students produce mock bills, to be evaluated and revised. Cross listed as LSTU 302, POLS 302/502.
POLS 360Middle East Politics3.00
In addition to the examination of the ethnic, racial, cultural, and religious diversity in the Middle East, this course concentrates on the evolution of the current interstate system in the Middle East, with an emphasis on political and economic development in individual countries. Also covers interstate conflict as well as economic and political conflicts within the nations. Finally, the course examines the foreign policies of Middle Eastern states.
POLS 367Latin American Politics3.00
Over the past 50 years, much of the literature on modernization theory was challenged because experiences of Latin American countries contradicted this dominant theoretical framework. This course examines theories of development as well as how the histories of Latin American countries have contributed to a rich theoretical discourse on development. Addresses not only historical patterns of political and economic development at the national, regional and international levels, but also how grassroots organizations, including women and human rights groups, interact with changing economic and political conditions in Latin America. Cross-listed with HIST 367/567.
General Education Requirements (2016-17 and Prior Catalogs):
POLS 370Public Policy Analysis and Evaluation3.00
Survey of strategies and methods used in analyzing and evaluating proposed and existing public policies; discussion of types of argument, problem structuring, forecasting, methods of policy recommendation, monitoring, diagnostic procedures for evaluating on-going programs, alternative evaluation designs, impact design and measurement of program efficiency.
POLS 373Congress and the Presidency3.00
Analysis of the U.S. Congress and the presidency as institutions of American government: powers, behavior,decision making, policy, interaction and trends.
POLS 441Topics in Peace Studies3.00
Students examine a religious, national, ethnic, political or economic conflict and propose a solution for resolving it. Each time offered, the course will select one type of conflict, such as civil wars, minority rights, ethnic conflict, and each student will select their own specific conflict and work on resolving it.
POLS 442Theories of Nonviolence3.00
While structural violence has increased steadily over time, interstate violence has not decreased with the end of the Cold War. Violence remains an integral part of the international system. This course examines an alternative to violence at the individual, group, society, state and global levels.
POLS 454History of PoIitical Thought, Part I3.00
History of political thought from Plato to Thomas Aquinas. Cross-listed as PHIL 454/654.
Typically Offered:
Fall Term Only
POLS 486Undergrad Teaching Interns3.00
Provides professional academic experience for students interested in pursuing a graduate degree. On demand.
Typically Offered:
Occasional by Demand
POLS 487Undergrad Research Internship3.00
Provides academic experience for students who are interested in pursuing a graduate degree or work in research-related agencies. On demand.
Typically Offered:
Occasional by Demand
POLS 492Peace and Human Rights Education3.00
Designed to promote teaching about peace and human rights. Designed for existing or future teachers and community members who are interested in such issues. Primary emphasis will be placed on developing different types of teaching material(s) to be used by the paticipants in their classrooms in order to promote students to think about issues of peace and human rights. Overall expectation is to increase our attention to issues of peace and human rights in K-12 education.