PE - Physical Education
Catalog Nbr.Course Title/Course TopicsCredits
PE 100Sports Conditioning1.00 - 8.00
Intensive study of practice and fundamentals of team play in the various sports.
PE 103Fitness for Life Lab0.67
PE 179Tennis0.50
PE 180Individual Sports I0.67 - 9.33
Designed to acquaint the student with basic skills, rules, strategy in the individual sports.
PE 183Jazz Dance I0.67 - 4.00
Designed to acquaint the student with fundamentals of various styles and techniques of movement and dance.
PE 185Winter Sports I0.67 - 4.00
Designed to acquaint the student with the fundamentals of various winter sports.
PE 205Tumbling2.00
Instruction and development of the skills of tumbling and mat work.
PE 207Apparatus1.00
Instruction and development of skills on horizontal bar, parallel bars, side horse, trampoline, rings, and ropes.
PE 213Individual Sports II0.67 - 2.67
Designed to develop intermediate skills, techniques, strategy, and tournament play in individual sports.
PE 235Officiating1.00
Theory and practice of refereeing the major and minor sports. Rules, skills, and techniques will be covered.
PE 261Human Structure2.00
PE 262Anatomical Kinesiology2.00
PE 312Advanced Team Sports1.00 - 4.00
Designed to acquaint the student with advanced skills, techniques and strategy of team sports.
PE 499Coaching Clinic Workshop1.00
Coaching Clinic Workshop
Typically Offered:
Other, Refer to Catalog