First Year Experience

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First Year Experience exists to support a diverse group of students in their academic and social transition into the university by fostering community building, personal growth, and life-long learning through a variety of beneficial courses, programs and services.

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New-student orientation includes:

  • Summer Orientation, Advising and Registration (SOAR) sessions
  • Weekend of Welcome (WoW)
  • Online Transfer Orientation
  • Transfer Welcome

SOAR (Summer Orientation, Advisement & Registration) Top of Page

SOAR (Summer Orientation Advisement and Registration) is your introduction to the University of Wisconsin-Superior. Each SOAR session is 1 1/2 days. During SOAR you will have a chance to connect with current students, staff and faculty as you learn about UW-Superior and its services. In addition, you will plan out and register for your fall semester courses. As a SOAR student participant you will not only take part in the scheduled sessions, but you will have the opportunity to stay in the residence halls, and take part in some exciting evening activities as part of your experience. All freshmen and transfer students coming in with 21 credits or under are required to attend SOAR and WoW.

WoW (Weekend of Welcome) Top of Page

This is students' crash course introduction to all things UW-Superior. During this event, you will find your niche on campus. Through your WoW group, you will meet new people, make friends and connect with an upper-classmen who will serve as your Team Leader. These friends will be with you as you find your way around campus, attend educational sessions, and explore who you are at UW-Superior. All freshmen and transfer students coming in with 21 credits or under are required to attend SOAR and WoW.

*Students entering in spring semester will attend Winter WoW which is a combination program that includes components of SOAR and WoW.

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Transfer Welcome is recommended half-day, on-campus program for incoming transfer students with 22 or more credits. This session allows students face-to-face interaction with an advisor prior to the start of the fall semester. In addition to advising, students will receive information about transferring credits, campus policies, and participate in informational sessions provided by university departments.

Transfer Orientation (on line) Top of Page

Online Transfer Orientation is a requirement of all incoming transfer students with 22 or more credits. The Online Orientation component is contains important information regarding student policies, advising and university resources. Online Orientation content is broken up into several sections, which students must master prior to being allowed to receiving their advisor assignment, attend the Transfer Advisement & Registration program and register for classes.

First Year Seminars (FYS) Top of Page

The First Year Seminar is designed to introduce first year students to the liberal arts through active and collaborative learning, critical thinking, and reflective judgment. Students can choose from an array of unique and diverse topics selected to challenge and engage and which are limited in size to 15 students. All new students entering with 20 credits or less are required to take a First Year Seminar within their first year.

More about the First Year Seminars.

Wisconsin Covenant Top of Page

The Wisconsin Covenant is a unique partnership representing the support of the State, our K-12 schools, public and private university and technical college systems, and the community all working together to help students do their best. The Wisconsin Covenant was created to inspire young people to plan early for a successful high-school career that will lead to higher education. UW-Superior is committed to supporting our Wisconsin Covenant Scholars in their educational journey.

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Dean of Students
University of Wisconsin - Superior
Yellowjacket Union 140
Belknap and Catlin Ave.
P.O. Box 2000
Superior, WI 54880
Phone: 715-394-8244