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The offices of First Nations Center and GLBT and Gender Equity Programs, provide an array of experiences and resources which promote an enriched campus community by fostering intercultural awareness, knowledge, and development.

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The First Nations Center (FNC) is centrally located on the third floor of Swenson Hall and provides a space for Native students and other students interested in Native American culture to gather, study and learn in a positive environment. The FNC staff provide students with advocacy, advisement, and cultural counseling. The Center serves as liaisons between the campus and the greater community to assist in raising awareness of Native American culture. As a part of Indian Country, the First Nations Center works to build an understanding of Native American cultural world view in the region. Collaboratively, the FNC and the Circle of Native Nations (a student organization) work with other entities on campus to provide Native American programs and events. (The university also provides a minor in First Nations Studies.)

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The Gender Equity Programs staff create a safe environment within the campus community.  Services and opportunities include exploration of diverse gender roles, education about gender and sexuality, and advocacy of equity for people of varying ages, economic statuses, cultural backgrounds, races, physical abilities, genders, and sexual identities occurs. The program staff collaborates with many departments and student organizations to provide programs and resources that empower students of all genders and sexual identities to have a successful college experience. The Gender Equity Resource Center, located on the first floor of Swenson Hall, is a safe place where the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender (GLBT) community, advocates for gender equity, and allies can provide support and educate the campus about gender equity and sexual identities.