Health and Wellness Management

Faculty and Academic Staff Top of Page

Glenn Carlson, Assistant Professor

Jeff Engstrom, Associate Professor

David Kroll, Assistant Professor

Ray Reinertsen, Senior Lecturer

William Simpson, Associate Professor

Health and Wellness Management Program Description Top of Page

The Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Management is an interdisciplinary program that helps students gain a broad understanding of the ways in which health care systems, health care costs, employee wellness programs and values of health/wellness management programs impact the work environment. Increasing healthcare costs and a growing number of healthcare coverage options will spur demand for professionals to develop strategically integrated wellness programs. In light of these trends, a few areas graduates of the Health and Wellness Management program will be able to help are:

  • Integrate a wide array of programs to enhance employee safety and wellness and improve work-life balance
  • Influence corporate/community productivity
  • Reduce health care costs
  • Engage management and leadership at multiple levels

The major is offered through online study in collaboration with partner universities UW-Stevens Point, UW- LaCrosse and UW- River Falls. It is based in the Health and Human Performance Department, and supported by the Distance Learning Center. Additional information is available at

Health and Wellness Management Major Requirements Top of Page

60 total credits

Required courses (60 credits required):

Introduction to Human Health -- 3.00 credits
The Wellness Profession -- 3.00 credits
Changes Across the Life Span -- 3.00 credits
Resource Management for Wellness Managers -- 3.00 credits
Health and Medical Terminology -- 3.00 credits
Health Literacy -- 3.00 credits
Worksite Health Environment -- 3.00 credits
Physical Activity and Nutrition for Wellness Managers -- 3.00 credits
Research Statistics for Wellness Managers -- 3.00 credits
Stress and Dependencies and Addictions -- 3.00 credits
Understand and Effecting Health Behavior Change -- 3.00 credits
Marketing and Communication for Wellness Managers -- 3.00 credits
Survey of Information Technology in Wellness -- 3.00 credits
Population Health for Wellness Managers -- 3.00 credits
Leadership and Change Management in Health -- 3.00 credits
Assessment and Evaluation for Wellness Managers -- 3.00 credits
Employee Health and Well Being -- 3.00 credits
Health Benefits for Wellness Managers -- 3.00 credits
Health Coaching for Wellness Managers -- 3.00 credits
Health and Wellness Capstone -- 6.00 credits

Course number changes effective Fall 2015:

Previous course #     New course #

HWM 340              HWM 305

HWM 400              HWM 315

HWM 430              HWM 325

HWM 380              HWM 335

HWM 410              HWM 345

HWM 390              HWM 385

HWM 330              HWM 405

HWM 490              HWM 475

HWM 440              HWM 485

HWM 495              HWM 496