Center for Academic Advising

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The purpose of The Center for Academic Advising is to contribute to student satisfaction, and thereby increase campus retention rates, through the offering of high-touch and comprehensive advising services for the undergraduate student population.

The UW-Superior Center for Academic Advising's mission is to advocate for, support, and empower students to be successful and achieve their educational goals. It is also our mission to collaborate with campus partners to ensure continuity of service and provide the best educational experience for students.

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The Center for Academic Advising provides comprehensive advising services to students who are:

  • Freshmen or sophomores in all majors
  • Undeclared
  • Considering changing majors
  • Readmitted after being suspended

The office also serves as an academic advising information clearinghouse, general referral source, academic advisor training and development center, and academic policies and procedures consultant for UW-Superior departmental advisors and administrators.

Shared Advising Structure Top of Page

In the Spring of 2016, UW-Superior moved to a new model of Academic Advising. This new model is called The Shared Advising Model (SAM).  Under this model, all students have at least two academic advisors; one primary and one secondary. 

The primary advisor is a professional advisor in the Center for Academic Advising for the freshmen and sophomore year.  During this time students also have a faculty advisor/mentor listed as a secondary advisor. Once a student has declared a major and reached junior or senior standing, the roles will be flipped; the faculty advisor will be primary and the professional advisor will be secondary.  Only a primary advisor can lift an Advising Hold. Students are required to meet with their advisor(s) at least once per semester.

  • Faculty Advisors are central to UW-Superior's academic advising structure. All faculty with one year of service at the University and who have completed the New Advisor Orientation assume academic advising responsibilities for juniors and seniors in their departments.
  • Professional Academic Advisors in the Center for Academic Advisement work with freshmen and sophomores in all majors and all undeclared students regardless of year. Professional advisors also advise Individually Designed majors, Interdisciplinary Studies and Associate Degree seeking students.  Additionally, professional advisors serve as a support resource to faculty advisors, facilitate advisor orientation and development, and play a vital role in the retention efforts of the University.
  • Key Academic Staff in departments such as Student Support Services and the Office of International Programs also advise special student populations on their unique program requirements, and are listed as co-advisors in addition to the professional and faculty advisors for the cohorts that they serve.

New, transfer, and readmitted students who entered UW-Superior for Fall 2016 or after will be advised using the Shared Model. Students who were her before Fall 2016, will continue working with the advisor to whom they are assigned.

Declaring or Changing a Major or Minor Top of Page

Each year, up to 1/3 of the new students arriving on campus enter the university as "undeclared". Other students declare a major and later change it - some change majors more than once. At UW-Superior that's OK! The undeclared major is the ideal place to explore topics, ideas, and professions that may be new to you - all while earning credits toward your degree and being connected to the campus community. As your knowledge and experience grows, you will find a major that fits your needs and interests. Your professional academic advisor is available to assist you if you need help making the decision. When you are ready to declare your major, or if you wish to change your major, you may do so online at

Advising Holds Top of Page

The University places enrollment holds each semester to ensure that all undergraduate students discuss their course selections with their advisors before registration. Once the student has met with the advisor and had the course selection approved, the advisor will lift the enrollment hold. This allows the student to register for classes after the enrollment appointment time.

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Center for Academic Advising
University of Wisconsin - Superior
Old Main 134/135
Belknap and Catlin Ave.
P.O. Box 2000
Superior, WI 54880
Phone: 715-394-8515
Office Hours:
M-F 7:45am - 4:30pm