Emeriti Faculty and Staff

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Bernhard Abrahamsson, Ph.D., Economics
Dorothy Anway, Ph.D., Mathematics and Computer Science
Gail Archambault, B.S., Director, Yellowjacket Union
Donald Bahnick, Ph.D., Chemistry
Karen Bahnick, Ph.D. Economics and German
Mary Balcer, Ph.D., Biology
Diane Balko, M.M., Music
Harris L. Balko, M.A., Music
Michael R. Ball, Ph.D., Sociology
Lowell W. Banks, M.E., Registrar, Education
Alvin "Chip" Beal, M.Ed., Director, Multicultural Affairs
Robert Beam, Ph.D., Economics
Wyatt W. Belcher, Ph.D., History
David Beran, D.A., Mathematics
Hal Bertilson, Ph.D., Psychology
Gordon O. C. Besch, Ph.D., Physics
Joan Bischoff, Ph.D., English
Janet Blair, Academic Dept. Associate
Anthony B. Bukoski, Ph.D., English
Thomas A. Bumgardner, D.M.A., Music
Bob Carmack, M.A., Library Science
David W. Carroll, Ph.D., Psychology
Richard D. Carter, Ph.D., Educational Administration
Donavon E. Coleman, Ed.D., Education
Robert Comstock, M.Ed., Director of Financial Aid
Gail Craig, Ed.D., Teacher Education
Ella Cross, M.L.I.S., University Library
Timothy Crow, PhD., German and Spanish
Donald M. Dailey, M.S., Physics
Rhea S. Das, Ph.D., Psychology
Edmond B. Dennery, Ph.D., Biology
Albert B. Dickas, Ph.D., Geology
Judy Anne Dwyer, M.S.W., Social Work
Julius E. Erlenbach, Ph.D., Chancellor, Music Education
Francis Florey, Ph.D., Mathematics
Roger D. Forseth, Ph.D., English
Noel Francisco, Ph.D., Sociology
Randy Gabrys-Alexson, Ph.D., Biology
George E. Gott, M.A., English
James E. Graham, M.A., Business and Economics
James R. Grittner, M.F.A., Visual Arts
Barbara Hamann, Ph.D., Health and Human Performance
Joseph B. Hampton, Ph.D., Political Science
Richard A. Hanson, Ed.D., Education
Delores M. Harms, Ph.D., Counseling
Thomas C. Hartman, Ph.D., Mediterranean Studies
John C. Haugland, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty, History
Joan C. Hedrick, M.S., Physical Education
Richard H. Heim, M.S., Library Science
James A. Holter, M.S., Education
Joseph W. Horton, Ph.D., Chemistry
Richard H. Hudelson, Ph.D., Philosophy
Bernard O. Hughes, Ed.D., Education
Barbara L. Johnson, Ed.D., Business Administration
Carl C. Johnson, M.S.L.S., Librarian
Joy Johnson, Chancellor's Office
Marshall Johnson, Ph.D., Social Inquiry
Robert E. Jordan, Ph.D., Accounting
Albert M. Katz, Ph.D., Communicating Arts
Darol L. Kaufmann, Ph.D., Biology
Rosemary Keefe, Ph.D., English
Paul D. Keeney, Ph.D., Educational Administration
Charles D. Kenney, Ph.D., Political Science
Gary Keveles, Ph.D., Criminal Justice and Human Behavior
Robert D. Krey, Ph.D., Education
Emily Levings, University Services Associate
Susan E. Loonsk, M.A., M.A.T.P., Art Therapy
Paul W. Lukens, Jr., Ph.D., Biology
Velma J. MacMillan, Ph.D., Education
Peggy V. Marciniec, Ed.D., Writing and Library Science
Larry Martin, Ph.D., Social Work
Mark Merrill, IS Tech Services
Ronald V. Mershart, Ph.D., History
Frank H. Meyer, M.A., Physics
Karl Meyer, Ph.D., Chancellor
Nancy M. Minahan, Ph.D., Psychology
Karl T. A. Moravek, M.Ed., Director of Career Planning and Placement
Robert D. Morden, Ph.D., Biology
William P. Morgan, Ph.D., Art History
Gladyce Nahbenayash, M.S., First Nations Studies
Steve Nelson, B.S., Athletic Director
Deb Nordgren, M.S.E., Library Science
Peter Nordgren, Ph.D., Educational Policies and Administration
George O. Parker, Ed.D., Business and Economics
Stewart A. Platner, M.F.A., Communicating Arts
Walter C. Prentice, Ph.D., Education
Roger L. Prescott, Ph.D., Health and Human Performance
Joseph W. Pritchard, M.S.L.S., Library
Mary Pulford, Ph.D., Anthropology
Kenneth Raihala, Facilities
James R. Rainaldo, M.E., Director of Student Life and Auxiliary Services, Education
Kenneth L. Redding, Ed.D., Education
Charles J. Reichert, M.S., Accounting
Rhoda Robinson, Ed.D., Educational Leadership
Ronald K. Roubal, Ph.D., Chemistry
John J. Rusch, Ed.D., Education
Cecilia E. Schrenker, Ph.D., Writing and Library Science
Ralph Seelke, Ph.D., Biology & Natural Sciences
Gary L. Sherman, Ph.D., Psychology
Norma J. Stevlingson, D.M.A., Music
Barton Sutter, M.A., Writing and Library Science
William A. Swenson, Ph.D., Biology
Winnifred J. Taylor, Ph.D., Counselor Education
Lydia C. Thering, Ed.D., Physical Education
Gloria I. Toivola, Ph.D., Political Science
Michael J. Wallschlaeger, Ph.D., Educational Administration
Richard Walker, Ed.D., Education
Donald G. Weyers, M.A., Mathematics
Paul L. Williams, Ph.D., Mathematics
Robert D. Williams, Ph.D., English

Emeriti Policy Top of Page

University of Wisconsin-Superior Policy
Effective 1-14-2016


            a.  Emeritus/emerita status is an honor bestowed by the Chancellor in recognition of past contributions to the university.  Emeritus/emerita appointments confer no monetary advantages, and are not granted automatically upon retirement.  Emeritus/emerita status is limited to faculty, academic staff, limited appointees and University Staff permanently retiring from the University of Wisconsin-Superior.

     a.  Emeritus status may be awarded to a retiring person who:
               i. Is retiring permanently and eligible for the University retirement annuity;
               ii. Has ten years or the full time equivalent of service to the University (ex: IAS who has taught 50% for 20 years; University Staff at 75% for 14+ years, etc.)
                         1.  Staff whose classification has changed (e.g. Classified who later becomes University staff, academic staff who becomes faculty or University Staff who becomes academic staff) may count total years of service, not just the years in the latter classification.
     b. Has been nominated by a colleague, unit,  department, dean, or director for emeritus/a status in writing

     a.  Faculty and/or staff must be nominated for emeritus/emerita status
               i. It is usual that emeritus/a be granted prior to retirement or within three months of the nominees official retirement date
     b.  It is incumbent upon the person retiring
               i. to make his or her wish to be considered for emeritus/emerita status known
               ii. to request a letter of nomination for the status by a director, unit, department, colleague or dean who knows their work
     c.  Nomination should include:
               i. Name of retiree being nominated, position, department, and their start date at the university
               ii. Expected date of retirement (copy of retirement letter)
     d.   If the nominee holds double or divided appointment with another department or unit, the nomination can come from either department or unit.  It is not necessary for both departments  or units to submit a nomination. 

     a.   For Faculty:
               i.  Nominations for emeritus/a status are forwarded to the department for review and vote.  Approved nominations are submitted to the Dean of Faculties and Graduate Studies who forwards the nomination, via the Provost, to the Chancellor.
               ii.  The Chancellor makes the final decision on granting emeritus/a status.  Emeritus/a status will begin on the date of official retirement.
     b.   For Academic or University Staff:
               i.  Nominations for emeritus/a status are forwarded to the Personnel Compensation Committee (academic staff) or the University Staff Senate (University staff) who forwards the nomination via the Provost, to the Chancellor.
               ii.  The Chancellor makes the final decision on granting emeritus/a status.  Emeritus/a status will begin on the date of official retirement.

     a.  Award of emeritus/a status carries with it the faculty or staff members' title code at the time of retirement (e.g. Professor Emeritus/a, Academic Advisor Emeritus/a, or University Program Associate Emeritus/a).  In addition the following privileges are provided:
               i.  Each emeritus/a may obtain one "Emeritus/a" staff ID card at no cost.  Replacement ID cards will need to be paid for by the individual
               ii.  Access to JDH Library resources including: borrowing, Universal Borrowing, interlibrary loan, access to data bases/subscription resources locally or offsite (proxy access).
               iii.  Technology privileges such as continued email and campus wireless access.
               iv.  Access to campus recreation activities and MWC memberships at special rates set by Campus Recreation
               v.  Complimentary entrance University Theater productions.
               vi.  Complimentary entrance to UW-Superior Music concerts.
               vii.  Complimentary entrance to regular season Athletic events.
               viii.  Emeriti may apply for parking permits on the same basis as currently employed faculty or staff.  Permits for unreserved areas shall be available at no cost or at a reduced rate (determined by Parking Services)
               ix.  Listing with the faculty, academic or University Staff in catalogs and in the university directory
                x.  Invitation to participate in public ceremonies such as commencements, academic processions, and other ceremonies as appropriate

     a.  Any changes being proposed to this policy must be forwarded to and approved by each of the governance bodies (faculty, academic staff, and University Staff) before changes can go into effect.