Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

First Nations Center Top of Page

The First Nations Center, centrally located on the third floor of Swenson Hall, provides a space for Native students and other students interested in Native American culture to gather, study and learn in a positive environment. The FNC staff provide students with advocacy, advisement, and cultural counseling. 

The Center serves as liaisons between the campus and the greater community to assist in raising awareness of Native American culture. As a part of Indian Country, the First Nations Center works to build an understanding of Native American cultural world view in the region. Collaboratively, the FNC and the Native student organization work with other departments on campus to provide Native American programs and events. (The university also provides a minor in First Nations Studies.)

For more information call 715-394-8132 or visit www.uwsuper.edu/firstnationscenter.

Gender Equity Resource Center (GERC) Top of Page

The Gender Equity Resource Center staff create a safe environment within the campus community for all genders. Services and opportunities include exploration of diverse gender roles, education about gender and sexuality, and advocacy of equity for people of varying ages, economic statuses, cultural backgrounds, races, physical abilities, genders, and sexual identities occurs. The program staff collaborate with many departments and student organizations to provide programs and resources that empower students of all genders and sexual identities to have a successful college experience. 

The Gender Equity Resource Center, located Swenson Hall 1031, is a welcoming place where advocates for gender equity, the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, trans+, queer/questioning) community, and allies can provide support and education to the campus about gender equity and sexual identities.

For more information contact 715-394-8091 , genderequity@uwsuper.edu, or www.uwsuper.edu/genderequity.

Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) Top of Page

The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) is dedicated to the academic and social success of African American, American Indian, Asian American, and Hispanic/Latino students while fostering a climate of respect for all people and cultures. The staff in OMA want students to have help with whatever needs arise; a home away from home; a broadening of worldviews; experience with people and cultures other than their own.

Programs and Services:

The Office of Multicultural Affairs is proud to sponsor programs and events that enrich and honor the lives of not only American Indian, Asian American, African American, and Hispanic/Latino American students, but the campus community as a whole. OMA programs and events help students make important connections within the campus community, gain leadership skills, learn about diverse cultures and issues, and more.


  • Leadership and MentorshipProgram
  • Making College Accessible
  • Diversity Dialogues

The Multicultural Center

The Multicultural Center is located at Old Main, Room 232. It is a great place for students to study, to hold meetings, receptions, socials, guest lecture, presentations, and so forth.

For more information, contact OMA at 715-394-8084 , oma@uwsuper.edu, or www.uwsuper.edu/oma.

Veteran and Nontraditional Student Center (VNSC) Top of Page

The Veteran and Nontraditional Student Center supports all nontraditional students (including veteran/military students and family members, students who are 25 or older, who have a spouse, and/or who have children) throughout their educational journey at UW-Superior.

The Center offers:

  • A place where veteran/military and nontraditional students can relax, study, use a computer, or talk with someone.
  • Programs, events and a culture that foster life-long learning which include an annual Veteran's Day Honoring Ceremony, Veterans Week events, the annual Veterans Expo, Veterans Club, camping trips, VA and federal work study positions, parenting programs, and other engaging events.
  • Direct services including information about other campus and community, VA/GI Bill® benefit assistance, career preparation, and other helpful services programs.
  • Opportunities to bring students together, developing friendships and unity.
  • Childcare Subsidies to students with children who are enrolled in select childcare centers in Superior. The subsidy reduce the cost of childcare tuition and is paid directly to the state licensed center. Students interested in a childcare subsidy can apply online.

Contact VNSC staff at 715-394-8406 , vnsc@uwsuper.edu,Old Main room 118, or www.uwsuper.edu/vnsc.