2017-19 Undergraduate Catalog Course Descriptions

ENST - Environmental Studies
Catalog Nbr.Course Title/Course TopicsCredits
ENST 200People and the Environment: Challenges & Actions3.00
This course builds on knowledge of physical processes of human-environment interactions, such as climate change and freshwater depletion, to learn about the social and cultural processes that are crucial for understanding the environmental challenges that human beings face and our best means of dealing with them. The course includes lecture, discussion, experiential learning, and student research.
Typically Offered:
Spring Term Only
ENST 335Applied Local Research: Environmental Topics3.00
Academic service-learning, collaborative research, etc. Students will do research in the Superior area, in collaboration with a community partner and/or a partner class in Environmental Sciences. Past projects have included exploring obstacles to low-income residents' access of healthy food, local interest in community gardens, and residents' sense of place. This course is required for Environmental Studies majors but all are welcome. Contact instructor about future topics. Cross-listed as ANTH/ENST 335.
Typically Offered:
Fall Term Odd Years Only
ENST 493Environmental Studies Capstone3.00
Culminating experiential project tailored to individual student interests and goals. May consist of research, internship, individually-designed education/action project, or other. Supervised by program faculty appropriate for topic.
ENST 200, at least two upper-level Environmental Studies core courses
Typically Offered:
Fall and Spring Terms