Faculty and Staff Top of Page

Deborah Augsburger, Associate Professor, Anthropology

Contributing Faculty and Academic Staff

Karl Bahm, Professor, History
Haji Dokhanchi, Professor, Political Science
Eric Edwards, Associate Professor, Sociology
Olawole Famule, Professor, Art
Cheong Soon Gan, Associate Professor, History
Brett Jones, Associate Professor, Music  

Anthropology Minor Top of Page

Anthropology is the comparative study of human thought, experience, and behavior in all of its complexity and diversity. The anthropological perspective is crucial for navigating an increasingly global world. The Anthropology minor is part of the Anthropology/Sociology Program, housed in the Social Inquiry Department. The minor is designed to complement a wide array of majors and is supported by faculty in a range of disciplines.

Student Learning Outcomes Top of Page

  • Cultivate awareness and analysis of the role of "culture" in one's own and others worldviews, practices, identities, and lived experience.
  • Demonstrate a critical, historically informed understanding of anthropological inquiry, including concepts, theories, and methods that have been used to study human experience in all its variety.
  • Use appropriate research methods, including observation and interviews, to study culture and social life.
  • Engage with diverse people, perspectives, and practices in an open-minded, empathetic, and self-reflective manner.
  • Integrate questions, evidence, and interpretation effectively in written and oral presentations.

Anthropology Minor Requirements Top of Page

21 total credits

  • Nine of the 21 credits must be at the 300 level or above.

Required Introductory courses (6 credits required):

The Human Experience -- 3.00 credits

Required Fieldwork Project course (1 of the following):

Cultural Anthropology -- 3.00 credits
Environmental Anthropology -- 3.00 credits
Food, Culture and Society -- 3.00 credits
Selected Topics in Anthropology -- 3.00 credits

Topics courses (a minimum of 9 credits required; 6 credits should be Anthropology courses):

The History of Human Origins -- 3.00 credits
Superior Historic Archeology -- 1.00 credits
Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective -- 3.00 credits
Cultural Anthropology -- 3.00 credits
Environmental Anthropology -- 3.00 credits
Food, Culture and Society -- 3.00 credits
The History of Indigenous Peoples -- 3.00 credits
Language, Culture, and Society -- 3.00 credits
Cultures of Mesoamerica -- 3.00 credits
Selected Topics in Anthropology -- 3.00 credits
Independent Study -- 1.00 - 4.00 credits
Introduction to Sociology -- 3.00 credits
Sociology of Gender -- 3.00 credits
Race and Ethnicity -- 3.00 credits
Environmental Sociology -- 3.00 credits

Independent Study -- 1.00 - 4.00 credits

Fill out any remaining credits needed from the above list, plus courses from the following list of electives:

Visual Arts in Non-Western Societies -- 3.00 credits
African and African Diaspora Art History -- 3.00 credits
People and the Environment: Challenges & Actions -- 3.00 credits

FNS XXX -- any First Nations Studies course 

World Religions -- 3.00 credits
Study Abroad -- 0.00 - 6.00 credits
Nationalism and Nationalist Movements -- 3.00 credits
Samurai: A History of Japan -- 3.00 credits
Modern India: From Gandhi to Slumdog Millionaire -- 3.00 credits
Music and World Culture -- 3.00 credits
The Making of the Modern Global System -- 3.00 credits

SOCI XXX -- any Sociology course

Latin American Culture and Civilization -- 3.00 credits