Broad Field Language Arts for Elementary Education

Student Learning Outcomes Top of Page

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the central concepts of English/Language Arts.
  2. Demonstrate the use of research-based instructional practices in English/Language Arts.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of and use formal and informal assessments in English/Language Arts.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to plan different types of English/Language Arts lessons.

Language Arts (Broadfield) Minor (MC-EA) Requirements Top of Page

The Language Arts (Broadfield) minor is to be taken in connection with the Wisconsin MC-EA licensure (ages 6 - 12/13; grades 1 - 7/8th) Elementary Education Major which requires taking TED 407 and appropriate student teaching. This minor equips a prospective teacher to support the Wisconsin Common Core English/Language Arts Standards.

*Notice: Due to pending licensure program approvals by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI), program requirements are subject to change for students entering Fall 2019.  Students affected by any approved changes which occur in the 2019-2021 catalog will be formally notified by the UW-Superior Educator Preparation Program.

Due to changes in teacher licensure in the state of Wisconsin, this minor is closed to enrollment effective May 1, 2019.  Please contact your advisor if you have questions about this minor in connection with your licensure plans.  

21 total credits

Required courses (12 credits required):

Children's Literature -- 3.00 credits
Language and Literature in the Middle Grades -- 3.00 credits
[[ENGED 463]]
Developing Literacy Grades 4-12 -- 3.00 credits

Oral language, Writing, and Literature Electives Course (9 credits-maximum 3 credits per prefix):

Acting for the Stage -- 3.00 credits
Interpersonal Communication -- 3.00 credits
Advanced Intercultural Communication -- 3.00 credits
British Literature I -- 3.00 credits
British Literature II -- 3.00 credits
American Literature I -- 3.00 credits
American Literature II -- 3.00 credits
Multi-Ethnic American Literature -- 3.00 credits
Literature by Women -- 3.00 credits
World Literature I -- 3.00 credits
World Literature II -- 3.00 credits
History of the English Language -- 3.00 credits
Popular 20th Century Writers -- 3.00 credits
Beginning Spanish I -- 3.00 credits
Beginning Spanish II -- 3.00 credits
Introduction to Creative Writing -- 3.00 credits
English Grammar -- 3.00 credits