Broad Field Science

Faculty Top of Page

Tanzeem Ali, Assistant Professor – Science Education
William Bajjali, Professor - Geology and GIS
Andy Breckenridge, Associate Professor - Geology
Ed Burkett, Professor - Biology
Peter Cook, Associate Professor - Physics
Nicholas Danz, Associate Professor - Biology
James Lane, Professor - Chemistry
Lorena Rios Mendoza, Associate Professor
Kurt Schmude, Professor - Biology
Jeffrey Schuldt, Professor - Biology
Michael Waxman, Professor - Chemistry

Program Description Top of Page

The Broad Field Science Program broadly trains students in the sciences. It is especially well-suited for students interested in teaching science at the Early Adolescence-Adolescence Level.

Broad Field Science Teaching (Grades 4-12) Major (comprehensive) Requirements Top of Page

This major is designed to provide broad exposure to science content across disciplines of biology, chemistry, earth and space science, and physics. A minimum of 22 credits numbered at the 300 level or higher are required for this major.

Notice: Due to pending licensure program approvals by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI), program requirements are subject to change for students entering Fall 2019.  Students affected by any approved changes which occur in the 2019-2021 catalog will be formally notified by the UW-Superior Educator Preparation Program. 

62 or 60 total credits

Biology Courses

Principles of Biology I -- 4.00 credits
Principles of Biology II -- 4.00 credits

One course from the courses listed below:

Ecology -- 4.00 credits
Genetics -- 4.00 credits


General Chemistry I -- 5.00 credits
General Chemistry II -- 4.00 credits

Note:  CHEM 205 & 206 - Quantitative Analysis Lecture & Lab is recommended.

Earth and Space Science 

Environmental Science -- 2.00 credits
Astronomy -- 4.00 credits
The Dynamic Earth -- 4.00 credits

One course from the courses listed below:

Chemistry Of Natural Waters -- 3.00 credits
Climatology -- 3.00 credits
Geomorphology -- 4.00 credits


Algebra-Based Physics I -- 4.00 credits
Algebra-Based Physics II -- 4.00 credits

Note: PHYS 201 can substitute for PHYS 107.  PHYS 202 can substitute for PHYS 108.


Algebra with Applications -- 3.00 credits

In addition to the courses above, students must complete one of the options below:

Option 1: Science Teaching Licensure (Grades 4-12)
Science Teaching Methods (5 credits required):

Teaching Elementary/Middle School Science -- 3.00 credits
Secondary Methods in Science Education -- 3.00 credits

Teaching Experience required course (12 credits required):

Student Teaching in the Middle/Secondary School -- 6.00 - 12.00 credits
Internship in Middle/Secondary School Teaching -- 6.00 - 12.00 credits

The Instruction Minor (22 credits) must be completed with Option 1

Option 2: Broad Field Science

Complete 15 additional credits of courses in BIOL, CHEM, ENSC, GEOL, NSED, or PHYS at 300+ level.  A capstone course must be included.