2019-21 Undergraduate Catalog Course Descriptions

World Lang, Lit and Cultures Course Descriptions

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ENGED - English Education
Catalog Nbr.Course Title/Course TopicsCredits
ENGED 339Teaching High School English3.00
Methods of English instruction in the senior high schools; the use of literature, mass media, and other aids in developing skills in listening, speaking, writing, and reading. Includes developing/teaching lessons in a high school English/Language Arts classroom.
Admission to Teacher Education Program or consent of instructor, completion of 12 credits of English courses, and cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better.
Typically Offered:
Every Third Term Beg. Fall 12
ENGED 464Developing Literacy Grades 4-123.00
Study of the design and implementation of language arts curricula and instruction in grades 4-12. Emphasis is on language development (oral and written) and literacy from the 4 -12 grades and developmental instruction, focusing on creating strategic lifelong readers and writers.
Completion of ENGED 370 and Admission to the Teacher Education Program. Teacher Education Non-Academic Test (TB and Criminal Background Check)
Typically Offered:
Spring Term Only
ENGL - English
Catalog Nbr.Course Title/Course TopicsCredits
ENGL 229Literature by Women3.00
Survey of British and American women's literature from the Middle Ages to the Contemporary Period. Women's literature across cultures, genres, and time periods.
University Studies Requirements:
Humanities - Literature
Typically Offered:
Fall Term Every Other Year