Department of Education

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The  Department of Education focuses on programs and coursework necessary for all professionals working in PK-12 education.  This focus includes teaching, administration, and counseling services.  Coursework focuses on knowledge, skills, and dispositions required across all subject areas and all ages.

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Ali, Tanzeem - Assistant Professor, Science Education
Baule, Steven - Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership
Buncher, Michael - Academic Advisor, Data and Assessment Coordinator, and Certification Officer
Carpenter, Amy - Senior Lecturer, Reading and Literacy, Student Teaching Supervisor
Churchill, Mary - Associate Professor, Teacher Education, Department Chair
Cooke, Jessica - Assistant Professor, Special Education
Flaig, Amy - Academic Advisor and Field Experience Coordinator
Hunt, Quintin - Assistant Professor, Counseling
Lee-Nichols, Mary -- Associate Professor, Teacher Education
Mainali, Bhesh - Associate Professor, Math Education
Paul, John - Associate Professor, Counseling
Polkowski, Stephanie -- Senior Lecturer, Teacher Education
Rady, Tammy - Academic Department Associate
Robertson, Anne - Senior Lecturer, Early Childhood Education
Schuelke, Nicholle - Assistant Professor, Teacher Education
Walkky-Byington, Taylor - Academic Advisor and Recruiter
Wilken, Tammy - Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership
Zbacnik, Amanda - Assistant Professor, Teacher Education

Supporting Instructors (Graduate and Undergraduate)

Amys, Tanya - Senior Lecturer, Math Education
Bonneville, Maryann - Senior Lecturer, Counseling
Bruce, David - Senior Lecturer, Counseling
Cain, David - Senior Lecturer, Counseling
Collins, Scott - Senior Lecturer, Teacher Education
Dyess, Jonathon - Senior Lecturer, Math Education
Geissler, Jody - Senior Lecturer, Teacher Education
Gilpin, Staci - Senior Lecturer, Special Education
Graves, Peter - Senior Lecturer, Teacher Education
Happala, Charlene -- Senior Lecturer, Counseling
Hinders, Kathy - Senior Lecturer, Special Educaiton
Jensen, Meghan - Senior Lecturer, Special Education
Kamrath, Barry - Senior Lecturer, Educational Administration
Larson, Jon - Senior Lecturer, Student Teacher Supervisor
Larson Kidd, Susan -- Senior Lecturer, Special Education
Lue, Marsha - Senior Lecturer, Educational Leadership
Milbridge-Scott, Jaime -- Senior Lecturer, Counseling
Nikoi, Acacia - Senior Lecturer, Teacher Education
Pernu, Sally - Senior Lecturer, Special Education
Renwick, Matthew - Senior Lecturer, Educational Administration
Rochon, Lynn - Senior Lecturer
Rogers, Sonja - Senior Lecturer, Teacher Education/Educational Leadership
Rossow, Daniel - Senior Lecturer, Counseling
Schmidt, Susan - Senior Lecturer, Teacher Education
Skalecki, Tanya - Senior Lecturer, Educational Leadership
Spott, Emily -- Senior Lecturer, Educational Leadership
Trowbridge, Chad - Senior Lecturer, Educational Adminstration
Zeman, Lawrence - Senior Lecturer, Educational Administration
Zinmer, Amy - Lecturer, Teacher Education

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