Criminal Justice Paralegal Certificate

Are you interested in working in criminal law-related settings? This certificate might be for you! The Criminal Justice Paralegal Certificate will help build your foundational legal knowledge with particular emphasis on criminal law contexts. You will develop paralegal skills that can cultivate a base of knowledge to use in a variety of ways. 

Certificate Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate foundational knowledge of the law, including legal processes, reading and analyzing legal texts, and legal research and writing, with additional emphasis on criminal law.
  • Demonstrate foundational knowledge in the field of paralegalism, such as assisting in trial preparation, interviewing clients and witnesses, preparing comprehensive reports and letters, preparing discovery documents, and the ethical issues surrounding the profession.
  • Apply legal foundational knowledge to real world settings through internship experiences.

Certificate Requirements

Students who enroll in the Criminal Justice Paralegal Certificate Program must complete 29 credits listed below. Students must also earn a minimum GPA of 2.0 in certificate courses. 

Required core courses (14 credits):

  • LSTU 115 - Law and Human Behavior (3)
  • LSTU 117 - Introduction to Paralegalism and Ethics (3)
  • LSTU 305 - Methods of Legal Research (3)
  • LSTU 306 - Methods of Legal Writing (3) (Prerequisite: LSTU 305)
  • LSTU 223 - Family Law (2)

Required Criminal Justice concentrated courses (9 credits):

  • CJUS 210 - Criminal Procedure and Evidence (3)
  • CJUS 211 - Criminal Law (3)
  • CJUS 212 - Managing Criminal Investigations (3)

Required skills courses (6 credits):

  • CJUS 491 - Internship Capstone Experience (3) with a special addition analysis section related to paralegal opportunities in the student's CJUS internship placement
  • LSTU 261 - Contemporary Issues Law and Society (3)

Contact Information

For more information on this certificate, please call 715-394-8469 or email