Geography of Wisconsin

Would you like to know more about how glaciers sculpted the beautiful landscapes of Wisconsin?  Why the amazing “Driftless Area” is such a draw for tourism?  Or, more about our enduring indigenous population and the history and impact of immigration in Wisconsin? Explore these questions and more in this interactive and engaging online class about Wisconsin's physical, historical, economic, political, and cultural geography! 
Geographer and UW-Superior Professor Emeritus, Dr. Randy Gabrys-Alexson, will guide you through 12 weeks of enriching content and meaningful assignments, giving you a deeper look into and understanding of this amazing state! At the end, you will receive a Certificate of Completion, CEE units, and documentation for a PDP, if needed. 
This 12-week, online course is only $299 and will run September 7th-November 23rd, 2019. The required text, Wisconsin's Past and Present: A Historical Atlas, is written by a UW-Superior alum and is available for purchase on Amazon.