Human Resource Management Certificate

If your career plan includes supervisory responsibility, you need to know the basics of human resource management. Why not invest in developing a skillset that can enhance your career potential? This certificate will build a practical base of knowledge in human resources that is beneficial for a variety of positions or professional settings.

You will learn core aspects of human resource management and the topics integral to developing an introductory understanding of the field. In addition, you will learn from respected regional experts and network with other HR professionals. 

Certificate Requirements

This certificate is comprised of four 1-day workshops and two 2-day workshops, totaling 48 hours of training. See required workshops and descriptions below.

You will be eligible to receive the certificate upon completion of all workshops within a 2-year period.

Students who enroll on a for-credit basis must attend all workshops, complete outside academic coursework, and earn a minimum of 2.0 GPA in the certificate course (BUS 499, Sec 915).

Certificate Fees

Non-credit Fees:

  • Complete certificate (48 hours): $977 ($119/6-hour session + transcript fee).
  • Individual workshops (not enrolled in certificate): 1 day - $139/2 day - $278

Academic Credit Fees:

  • Workshop fees (including transcript fee) in addition to tuition for BUS 499 (Sec 915). Call Brenda Dalpiaz for more information on student pricing for workshops. 

Contact Information

For more information on this certificate, or to register, please contact Brenda Dalpiaz.

For students interested in taking this certificate for credit, please contact Danielle Fagen

Required Courses Expand All

Introduction to Human Resources

Whether you're new to the field or looking to enhance your potential within human resources, this is the place to start! You will gain a practical understanding of core human resource management (HRM) functions and learn how these functions relate to organizational growth and success. Explore the challenges contemporary organizations face as they seek to get the best from their most valuable resource — employees. You will discover ways to add value to your organization and the human resource profession. The workshop topics will provide an overview of concepts explored in greater depth throughout the certificate. Instructor: Wanda Grew-Jasken

Staffing Management, Compensation and Benefits

Finding and compensating quality employees can seem daunting, but it doesn't need to be! This two-day workshop will help lay the foundation to building and retaining a valuable workforce. On day one of this workshop, learn how to identify, recruit and retain employees to meet your organization's needs. On day two, learn the crux of compensation and benefits that can help create an effective infrastructure for your organization. By the end of this two-day workshop, you will develop a working understanding of core terminology functions and how they relate to organizational growth and success. Instructors: Wanda Grew-Jasken & Steve Marshall

Employee Relations

A positive work environment is a key component of workplace satisfaction and organizational success. This two-day workshop can help give you the tools to achieve workplace positivity through developing skills in managing conflict, building a healthy workplace culture, and coaching employees to succeed. Day one will cover the ins and outs of conflict resolution, while day two will include progressive discipline, coaching, and performance management practices. Instructor: Dr. Maria Cuzzo

Risk Management

As an HR professional, do you know your categories of risk, and how to respond in a strategic and optimal manner? Learn frameworks to identify, assess, and respond to risk. Take a deeper dive into risk management topics that are specific to the HR profession and gain a fundamental awareness of key issues. Instructor: Sarah Crowell 

Leadership and Ethics

What does it mean to be ethical? What is HR's role in fostering an ethical organization, as well as promoting and supporting effective leadership? In this workshop, learn foundational ethical principles, HR strategies to enhance ethics within the workplace, and examine styles, assessments and trends to promote effective leadership within your organization. Instructor: Sarah Crowell 

Emerging Topics in HR Management

Change is constant, and it's HR's responsibility to be on top of current and emerging trends within the field. This engaging and interactive workshop brings multiple expert perspectives together to help you stay up-to-date in an ever-changing field. Instructors: Sarah Crowell, Dr. Maria Cuzzo, Wanda Grew-Jasken, Steve Korby, Steve Marshall 


Credit seeking students should contact Danielle Fagen