Human Resource Management Certificate

This certificate is geared toward working professionals and others who wish to gain a general overview of the basic aspects of human resource management. This series will cover the topics that are integral to an introductory understanding of the field. The certificate is comprised of 4 day-long workshops and 2 two-day workshops, totaling 48 hours of training. Key benefits of this certificate program include developing a solid base of practical knowledge, learning from respected experts, and interacting and networking with other professionals in the field.

You may attend one workshop at a time or attend them all (8 full days over an academic year) and receive the Human Resource Management Certificate upon completion.


You will be eligible to receive the certificate upon completion of all workshops within a 2 year period.

Students who enroll on a for-credit basis must earn a minimum of 2.0 GPA in the course and complete outside academic coursework in addition to attending each workshop.

Program Fees


Complete certificate (48 hours): $977 ($119/6-hour session + transcript fee)

Individual Workshops (not enrolled in Certificate): 1 day - $139; 2-day - $278

For more information on this certificate please contact Brenda Dalpiaz.

For Academic Credit:

Tuition for BUS 499/sec 915

Certificate fees may apply.

Required Courses Expand All

Introduction to Human Resources

This workshop provides an overview of the field, with topics such as workforce planning, compensation and benefits, employee relations and diversity, risk management, organizational and employee development, business management strategy, ethics and social responsibility, managing stress, and resolving conflict in the workplace. Participants will become familiar with concepts that will be explored in greater depth throughout the certificate.

Staffing Management, Compensation and Benefits

This two-day training addresses the areas of compensation, benefits, and staffing management (workforce planning, recruitment process, hiring, job posting, job descriptions, setting up a review process, the life cycle of an employee, behavioral interviewing techniques, and employer branding). Participants will develop a working understanding of the terminology and functions of these aspects of human resource management.

Employee Relations

This two-day training addresses conflict resolution in the workplace, performance management, and workplace culture. Participants will develop knowledge and competencies in conflict resolution, progressive discipline, coaching, and performance management practices. 

Risk Management

This workshop will explore the various aspects of risk management from the HR perspective, including identifying risks (such as financial uncertainty, legal liabilities, security and data risks, safety, and natural disasters) and developing risk management strategies.

Leadership and Ethics

This workshop will examine the role of HR in supporting the organization's organizational strategy, including topics such as leadership, mission/vision/values, HR's role in strategic planning, and ethics and social responsibility.

Emerging Topics in HR Management

This workshop provides multiple perspectives on current and emerging topics in the field, such as work life, workforce planning, diversity in the workforce, moving from a transactional to a strategic business model, virtual HR offices and decentralization versus centralized departments, and leveraging external resources.


Credit seeking students should contact Danielle Fagen