Mediation Certificate

Most of us will experience workplace conflict, and those in supervisory positions will spend a significant amount of time trying to manage it. It's not surprising then, that being able to effectively resolve those difficult situations is a valuable skill to have and one sought after by many employers. 

As the region's premiere resource in mediation training, the Center for Continuing Education provides the opportunity to develop this invaluable skillset with curriculum and applied practice that aligns with Minnesota Rule 114 requirements. Completing both certificate courses will satisfy Rule 114 requirements for civil (30 hours) or family law (40 hours) facilitative mediation rosters.

Certificate Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate understanding of ethics and ethical issues in mediation.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of domestic abuse issues, including definition of battery and types of power imbalances; domestic abuse screening that includes simulation and role-plays; and, legal issues related to domestic abuse cases.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of conflict resolution and mediation theory, components of the mediation process, mediator conduct, and the rules, statuses, and practices governing mediation.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of psychological issues related to separation, divorce and family dynamics; issues and needs of children in divorce; family law; and, family economics.
  • Demonstrate mediation skills and techniques through experiential learning and role-plays.

Certificate Requirements

Students are required to complete both courses listed below to receive their Mediation Certificate. To successfully complete this certificate for credit, students must also earn a minimum GPA of 2.0 in each certificate course. 

Required Courses

  • MEDI 472, Civil Law Mediation (2 credits or non-credit) | via Zoom
  • MEDI 471, Family Law Mediation (3 credits or non-credit) | via Zoom


Civil Law Mediation (30 hours) $399; Family Law Mediation (45 hours) $599

Contact Information

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