Motivational Interviewing Certificate

While many people tend to approach change with either resistance or ambivalence, most just need a sense of direction and empowerment to move down that path. Motivational Interviewing is a method and skillset that can support people in discovering their own motivation for change and pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. Many relationship-based professions, such as those in counseling, health care, social work, case work, and mental health, find motivational interviewing skills particularly useful with their clients. These workshops are led by Amy LaRue who has been teaching and working in the fields of motivational interviewing, health and wellness, and public health since 2007.

Workshop Fees

$298 per workshop or $258 per workshop if enrolled in the certificate. Participants who complete both the Foundations of Motivational Interviewing and Beyond Basics workshops will receive a Certificate of Completion - Discovering and Building Motivation for Change.

Individual workshop 1.2 CEUs/Certificate 2.4 CEUs.

All workshops available to take individually.

Motivational Interviewing Workshops Expand All

Foundations of Motivational Interviewing: The basics

January 27 & 29 and February 3 & 5, 2021 | 9:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.

Want to find out what motivational interviewing is all about and see how you can use it in your profession? Then this workshop is for you! We will look at the history of motivational interviewing and learn how and where it can be applied. You will learn how to identify client ambivalence and resistance and how you can use motivational interviewing to elicit behavior change. You will begin to learn the foundational techniques and skills (OARS) that are used in the motivational interviewing approach and will leave understanding the basic principles of motivational interviewing and how you can use them in your work. 

Beyond the Basics: Developing Core Skills and Increasing Understanding

February 24 & 26 and March 3 & 5, 2021 | 9:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.

So, you’ve had some motivational interviewing training, but you’re ready for more? This workshop is geared toward individuals who have completed a foundational Motivational Interviewing workshop and are looking to go beyond just a basic understanding. In this interactive workshop, you will develop your core skills, take a deep-dive into the OARS process, work on eliciting change talk, and build your motivational interviewing competence through demonstration and practice.