Reminiscence and Life Story Work/Reminiscence Practice

This program will prepare individuals from wide ranging backgrounds to engage in many types of reminiscence and life story work – work such as being a personal historian, memoir writer or engaging individuals or groups in thoughtful reminiscence activities for pleasure and healing.

Through online course work, students will gain an interdisciplinary, foundational background in the history, theory and research in reminiscence and life review. They will be introduced to the many ways reminiscence, life review and related disciplines are applied in various professional fields.

Interactive discussions among students and the instructor and weekly assignments are all online and can be completed at times best for student.

Certificate consists of three eight-week on-line course modules (March – October) and a hands-on Capstone module (Nov – Jan):

Module 1: Fundamentals of Reminiscence and Life Review (R&LR): Theory, Research and History Students will be introduced to the main contributors in the field of reminiscence and life review and examples of how R&LR are used in various lines of work.

Module 2: Reminiscence and Life Review Practice and Application Students will acquire the knowledge, skills, and principles for conducting successful and safe reminiscence and life review sessions.

Module 3: Developing a Reminiscence/Life Story Work Professional Practice* Students will identify and assess competencies and resources needed to launch and operate a professional practice as an independent contractor.

Module 4: Capstone Project: A Practicum in Reminiscence and Life Story Work Students will plan and complete a project with a client or clients in student’s intended area of practice.

*With prior approval from Program Manager, students planning to use reminiscence in their work as a health or human services professional, not as an independent contractor/small business owner, have the option to do a more in-depth practicum in lieu of Module 3 and receive a Certificate in Fundamentals of Reminiscence Practice. Please contact Esther Gieschen if you are interested in this option.

Fee: Complete Certificate: $1,789 (5% discount for members of the International Institute for Reminiscence and Life Review).

For more information please contact Esther Gieschen .