Employers Seek Engaged Students

The Center for Community Engaged Learning (the Center) helps prepare students for post-graduation success.

More than three in four employers say they want colleges to place more emphasis on helping students develop five key outcomes, including:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Complex Problem-Solving
  • Written and Oral Communication
  • Applied Knowledge in Real-World Settings

Across many areas tested, employers strongly endorse educational practices that involve students in active, effortful work—practices including collaborative problem-solving, internships, research, senior projects, and community engagements. Employers strongly endorse practices that require students to demonstrate both acquisition of knowledge and its application.

Large majorities (of employers) believe that colleges that set expectations for students to achieve these learning outcomes will do the most to prepare them for success:

  • Complete an internship or community-based field project (78% will help a lot/fair amount)
  • Develop the skills to conduct research collaboratively (74% will help a lot/fair amount)
  • Acquire hands-on or direct experience with the methods of science (69% will help a lot/fair amount)

Many UW-Superior students participate in High-Impact Practices – those undergraduate opportunities with positive associations with student learning and retention. These include, but are not limited to: learning communities, service-learning, internships and research with faculty.

High-Impact Practices

  • demand considerable time and effort,
  • facilitate learning outside of the classroom,
  • require meaningful interactions with faculty and students,
  • encourage collaboration with diverse others, and
  • provide frequent and substantive feedback.

As a result, participation in these practices can be life-changing (Kuh, 2008) and UW-Superior students are more prepared to think critically and solve complex problems by applying their knowledge in real-world settings. The Center for Community Engaged Learning is committed to engaging students in educational practices that involve them in active, effortful and meaningful work.

For more information on internships, academic service-learning, research and other ways we engage our students in applying their knowledge in real-world settings, contact us.