Center for Community Engaged Learning

The Center for Community Engaged Learning provides a one-stop-shop for community engagement. If you’re looking to connect with campus or the community but are unsure where to start, contact us!

A primary goal for the Center for Community Engaged Learning is to empower UW-Superior students to become active citizens that tackle critical challenges by participating in hands-on, practical learning experiences while reciprocally meeting the region’s most pressing needs and priorities.

Do you care about UW-Superior and the future of the City of Superior?  We want to hear from you!  Join us at one of our public Embracing and Envisioning Superior listening sessions.

During Spring 2018, the Center and the Mayor of Superior are jointly conducting a series of listening sessions to determine the community’s significant assets and greatest needs. The information will be used by the Mayor’s office to drive budget priorities for the upcoming year, for branding and building community pride, and also used by UW-Superior to align campus resources and provide our community partners with campus expertise to better address our area’s needs.