Amber Heidenreich

I feel more inspired and capable in my ability to create opportunities that benefit myself and others

“I feel more inspired and capable in my ability to create opportunities that benefit myself and others,” said Amber Heidenreich.  Amber, originally from Philips, WI, is currently a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Superior, double majoring in legal studies and political science. Amber completed an Academic Service-Learning (AS-L) project through her Legal Studies 233: Law, Citizenship, & Civic Engagement course. 

Through Legal Studies 233, students participated in Storm the Dorms, an event focused on increasing voter registration turnout among college students.

“Young adults have the lowest voter registration turnout,” said Amber.  She and her classmates concluded that this was because many students lacked knowledge of how and where to register and vote. “It’s one of the first privileges we get as we go off on our own,” she said. “Our parents are no longer there to remind us to be civically engaged and participate in one of our given rights, so it falls solely on us as young adults.”

Amber was interested in connecting with another demographic of people to expand the classes’ outreach efforts. She knew that groups of senior citizens were on campus every evening for the Seniors Connection’s dinner, so with the approval of her professor and the Senior Connection’s program director, she began reaching out to them. She saw this as an opportunity to interact and help another group of people become more civically engaged.

Through her discussions with senior citizens, Amber quickly realized they were knowledgeable about voting. During one discussion, she recalled being asked if she knew what she was doing. It was clear to Amber that the seniors understood that the younger generation lacks civic engagement.

Amber’s AS-L experience gave her a new perspective. She realized that she is part of a much bigger community than she thought. The seniors she interacted with said they were impressed and happy to see a young person getting involved in the community. Before her AS-L experience, Amber said she was another student just passing through Superior, but after, she feels more connected and part of the community.