What Our Participants Say

What Our Participants Say

"Thank you!  Great power filled a day!  Enthusiastic, energized, expert presenters."

"This helped in two ways, I am on a foundation so I see it a bit differently and I also want to write a  grant for a club I belong to, so I can use it from different perspectives."

"Great information.  Instructor was a wealth of information and very willing to help.  Would recommend to others.  It got me motivated.  Thank you."

"I liked that it was fast-paced and covered plenty of material without feeling rushed."

"Fantastic workshop!  So much great information.  Interesting and engaging presentation.  Thank you!"

"Presenter covered a variety of topics.  This gave me a much better basic understand of fundraising development."

"I enjoyed my day and I am taking home lots of ideas/suggestions/advice that I will use."

"Was highly recommended and well worth it."

"The speaker did an awesome job.  Great, great speaker, so 'un-boring'."

"Very interesting and informative.  Kept my interest all day."

"Thanks for the opportunity to learn so much."

"The materials were succinct and easy to follow and will enable me to apply the concepts without wading through tons of information."

"I enjoyed this presentation very much!  Great energy!"

"Excellent suggestions for keeping long-term sponsorships."

"They are very knowledgeable.  Thank you for being time oriented and fast paced."