Individuals who work in the area of human resources often do so without formal training in the field. This program provides a solid base of knowledge about current law and practices. Developing a strong foundation of information can mean the difference in successfully recruiting and retaining employees. Employers often expect managers to have a basic knowledge and understanding of various aspects of human resources. This is also true for individuals whose job includes human resource functions, but is not exclusively restricted to that department. Developing a strong base of knowledge in human resources can eliminate costly (and needless) problems caused by staff who have not received proper training and who may make decisions that conflict with current law and practice. 

The Human Resource Management Certificate has no provisions for the transfer of other workshops taken elsewhere. To earn the certificate, all workshops must be taken as specified under the Requirements section. 

You may complete the program in one year or take up to two years (maximum) to complete the certificate.  

The total cost is approximately $968, which includes the $25 enrollment fee. This does not include any mileage or meal expenses. We are happy to arrange a payment schedule with you if needed.

Registration is available online or by contacting the Program Associate at 715-394-8191 .