Performance Feedback Tools Workshop

This program is for organizations who wish to develop a solid performance appraisal system. By enrolling in this course, you will save time (and money) by not having to develop an evaluation system from scratch. In implementing this approach in your workplace, you will be secure in knowing that your organization is following leading edge practices. You will also be able to easily adapt and customize this performance appraisal system to your existing tools and practices.

What you will be able to do:

  • Sell benefits of performance appraisal process to employees
  • Recognize and overcome barriers to doing performance appraisals
  • Effectively prepare written performance appraisals and performance improvement plans for employees
  • Conduct effective face-to-face performance discussions with employees

Who should attend: all managers and supervisors responsible for evaluating employee performance, giving feedback and setting goals for future performance.

This is a required workshop in the Human Resource Management Certificate Program.

Instructor: Ryan Matara

What our participants said about this program:

  • "Will take these materials back to my office to implement."
  • "Great instructor - lots of energy and knowledge. Thank you!"