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Program Details

Program Details

Mediation and Conflict Resolution Certificate

Program Details

What is Mediation? - Mediation is an informal process in which a neutral, trained third party helps the disputing parties attempt to reach a mutually agreeable, voluntary settlement of their conflict.

Program Courses - The Certificate Program includes a total of 9 semester credits made up of five core courses. You may enroll in the certificate program for academic credit or on a noncredit basis. All five courses are offered each summer, and the certificate program can be completed within one summer.

Professional Education (Noncredit) - The professional education option allows you to enroll in any course as a noncredit workshop earning CEUs. This option is designed for area mediators and other professionals who need to fulfill ongoing professional education requirements.

Rule 114 and Chapter 767 - The certificate program courses satisfy the training requirements for Chapter 767 Family Mediator status in Wisconsin and "qualified neutral" status under Minnesota Supreme Court Rule 114.13.  It is the student's responsibility to apply for inclusion on the Minnesota Roster of Neutrals once training is completed.

Cost - Students who take certificate courses for credit pay regular tuition rates.

Enrolling - To enroll in the Mediation/Conflict Resolution Certificate Program, fill out the certificate program enrollment form and return it to the Center for Continuing Education office in Old Main 102.  If you are a degree seeking student, it is recommended that you meet with the program academic advisor, Dr. Maria Cuzzo, prior to enrollment.  Dr. Cuzzo can be reached at mcuzzo@uwsuper.edu.

Completing the Program - When your coursework is completed and all grades have been recorded, you may apply for your Mediation/Conflict Resolution Certificate.  When approved, your certificate will appear on your official transcript.  Fill out the certificate application, have it signed by your advisor, and return with application fee to Lisa Mattsson in Old Main 107. Contact Lisa at (715) 394-8013 or lmattsso@uwsuper.edu with any questions when applying for your certificate.

Questions - For questions about the Mediation/Conflict Resolution Certificate Program, contact the Mediation Program Coordinator, Lisa Mattsson, at (715) 394-8013 or lmattsso@uwsuper.edu.

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