Managers, staff, volunteers, nonprofit board members, and government administrators are our primary audience. However, anyone who has an interest in developing his or her management skills is welcome to attend on a one time basis and/or enroll in the program.

You may take as many seminars as you like without enrolling in the certificate program. However, if you enroll, you will receive registration priority and discounts on all of your programs. If you DO decide to enroll after you have already taken a few seminars, they will be counted toward your certificate.

Most of the seminars are offered during the day and run four to six hours each. To complete the certificate, you will need to complete 100 hours of training. Participants complete the program at a pace conducive to their time and funding availability. You may complete the program within one year or up to four years. Most seminars run 9AM to 4 PM.

The costs to complete the program vary somewhat depending upon the number of full- and half-day programs you take to fulfill the 100-hour requirement. However, keep in mind that upon enrollment you will receive registration priority and immediate discounts on all classes. Approximate cost for the Nonprofit Administration Certificate program (including enrollment fee) is approximately $1,700. If you decide to complete the certificate in two years, the cost will be approximately $850/year. You may take up to four years to complete the program. We are happy to arrange a payment schedule with you if needed. Many people "pay as they go" by submitting payment prior to each workshop.

To receive academic (college) credits for this program, you will need to seek the approval of a faculty member of the college or university where you are enrolled. In order to receive academic credit, you and your academic advisor would need to agree on a program of independent study under a "Special Topics" heading. The additional course work would depend upon the agreement that you and your advisor develop. Typically, this would involve additional reading and/or a research paper, depending upon the number of credits. The Center for Continuing Education regularly grants Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for seminars completed in this program.

Enrollees can transfer up to three seminars (or a total of 1.8 CEUs) into the program. The seminars need to be specific to managing a nonprofit agency and comparable to the ones offered under the NAC electives. Seminars taken within two years of the request will be considered. If you wish to transfer seminars into the Certificate Program, you will need to submit copies of the course syllabus/agenda and a certificate of completion. There is a fee of $25 to evaluate the materials and record any approved transfers to your planning sheet.

We regret that we do not have scholarship funds at this time but we invite you to check back periodically. There may be scholarships available from some of the funders in the Duluth-Superior area. Most of the foundations providing this funding call it "technical assistance". Staff and volunteers who link the staff educational plan to an overall agency plan are often the most successful in obtaining technical assistance funds.

Persons enrolled in the NAC program may two Seminars simultaneously toward the HR Generalist certificate: Current Personnel Issues and Human Resource Management. These are required seminars for both certificate programs. To receive a certificate, individuals must be enrolled in the HR program. To request an enrollment form, call the Program Assistant at 715-394-8030 . (See next section)

You may copy the form in the back section of the catalog,use the online form, or contact the Program Assistant at 715-394-8191 and request an enrollment form. There is a fee of $25 to enroll. Upon enrolling, you will immediately be entitled to discounts of $5 to $20 for each class. When you complete the program, you will receive a framed certificate suitable for display.