Leading and Managing Nonprofit Organizations Certificate

The fabric of our society is woven on a warp of voluntary associations as described by the French historian Alexis de Tocqueville (1835). These voluntary associations called Nonprofits (NP), Non-governmental Organizations (NGO) or most recently Social Benefit Organizations (SBO) support the highest qualities of life in our time. To understand them requires a look at their history. To lead them well, necessitates a look at their place in, and relationship to, other segments of society. To manage them effectively involves appropriate strategy, tools and methodologies.

This certificate will provide the fundamentals required for leading and managing a nonprofit organization and will enhance a current NP leader's ability in that role. Executive Directors, Program Directors, Board members and others who are interested in learning about the joys and challenges of working in the social sector are encouraged to participate in this valuable and informative Certificate Program.

For additional information, please contact Esther Gieschen or Brenda Dalpiaz.

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