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Generation Workplace Strategies

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Generation Workplace Strategies

Nonprofit Administration Certificate

Generation Workplace Strategies

There are four different generations represented in today's workforce, each with a core set of values and characteristics that differ from each other. These variances produce frustration, confusion, and misunderstanding. Complicating these differences further is an ever-evolving set of societal 'norms' and technology. Professionals under the age of thirty can't recall a world without email, while many Baby Boomers are struggling to grasp social media. Gaining an understanding of each generation's characteristics is the key to an effective and happy workplace.

Generational Workplace Strategies will provide tips and strategies to help understand, motivate, and succeed with each generation and leave the participants with thought-provoking ideas that may change how you not only view your co-workers, but also yourself

Topics will include:

  • Exploring and framing each generation's impact
  • Developing insights into each generation's core characteristics and workplace styles
  • Differentiating between what characteristics are generational versus societal
  • Discovering strategies for workplace harmony

CEUs: .3 (3 contact hours)

Instructor: Brad Gingras

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