The Paralegal Certificate Program is offered through Continuing Education/Extension. The program consists of 30 credits of coursework in a variety of paralegal areas of theory and practice. Paralegals "have knowledge and expertise regarding the legal system and substantive and procedural law which qualify them to do work of a legal nature under the supervision of an attorney," according to the National Association of Legal Assistants. This certificate will prepare you to work as a paralegal, legal assistant, office support staff member in law firms, government agencies, private business or non-profit organizations. 

Students who began working on the Paralegal Certificate prior to Fall 2005 will follow the previous requirements as laid out in the 2004-2006 UW-Superior Catalog. Students should speak with Dr. Maria Cuzzo at 715-394-8482 regarding their progress toward the certificate. Students who are completing a four-year degree may also create an individualized minor that involves paralegal coursework under appropriate circumstances. 

No. To become a licensed paralegal, one must apply to the Paralegal Licensing Board in the state you plan to practice, if such a Board exists. Wisconsin and Minnesota do not require licensure for paralegals so you can practice as either a paralegal or legal assistant in both Wisconsin and Minnesota. 

There are several ways to register for Paralegal classes:

1) Currently admitted UW-Superior students register for classes as they would for their other classes during registration week.

2) If you are not currently enrolled as a student at the university, please contact Lisa Mattsson, the Paralegal Certificate Program Coordinator, at 715-394-8033 for enrollment information.