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About Certification

Transportation and Logistics Certificate Program

About Certification

Distinguish Yourself in Transportation & Logistics

In an increasingly globalized world, professional certification ensures that logistics professionals are ready to meet the demands of logistics and transportation around the globe.

ASTL certification will help position you as a recognized leader in the transportation and logistics industry. Statistics show that certification validates industry knowledge and leads to higher salaries and increased job security.

Certified in Transportation and Logistics

The CTL (Certified in Transportation and Logistics) is a senior level certification recognizing professionals who demonstrate a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of the profession through successful completion of six modules.

Successful candidates are granted the designation "Certified in Transportation and Logistics" (CTL). The designation may be used as are professional and educational designations in other fields such as accounting, insurance, medicine, or law. The full expression or its initials (CTL) may be used after someone's name on business cards, stationary, or in various media communications.

About ASTL

The American Society of Transportation and Logistics (ASTL) is the premier professional organization for transportation and logistics professionals. Founded in 1946 by industry leaders, ASTL strives to promote and ensure the highest level of global standards through professional certification in the field of transportation and logistics. ASTL certification programs are used throughout business, academia, and government worldwide. ASTL worldwide advocacy for logistics and transportation is supported by globally-recognized credentials, extensive research journal, and professional development opportunities.

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