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Transportation and Logistics Certificate Program


What is the CTL?

The CTL is a transportation and logistics industry leading certification, since 1948, offered through the American Society of Transportation and Logistics. This program offers the designation of CTL (Certified in Transportation and Logistics) to candidates who demonstrate their understanding of the fundamentals of the profession through the successful completion of three modules of required study material, as well as three elective modules.

What are the benefits of the UW-Superior CTL Program?

The UW-Superior CTL Program has many benefits. Our program is offered 100% online, which means you can complete it at your own pace while still working a full time job. You will now be able to obtain certification online with instructor led modules.

This certificate meets the academic requirements for obtaining the CTL, as UW-Superior is an approved ASTL academic provider. Also, if you successfully complete each module, you will not have to take the ASTL final exam since we are an approved provider institution.

In addition, our modules are designed by world class instructors and practitioners in the field of transportation and logistics, ensuring that your education meets or exceeds industry standards.

How can my employees benefit from this program?

In addition to gaining a nationally recognized credential and saving valuable time and resources for your company, you will increase employee satisfaction. Research has shown employer-provided training has the same effect on job satisfaction as a 17.7% net wage increase, according to a study of nearly 5,000 workers in Spain by Santiago Budría of the University of Madeira.

Can you give some examples of people who are Certified in Transportation and Logistics?

There are many positions in the transportation and logistics industry that benefit from the designation of CTL. Some titles of CTL professionals currently employed in the field include: Logistics Specialist, Operations Manager, Logistics Analyst, Director of Supply Chain Management, Director of Global Logistics, Transportation Supervisor, Fleet Manager, Material Planner, Supply Chain Analyst, Import Buyer, Traffic Manager, Distribution Director, Transit Coordinator, among thousands more.

Will having a CTL advance my career or help me find a job?

We encourage you to look at the numerous benefits of certification. With as vast as the transportation and logistics industry is, becoming certified in a field that has value in multiple occupations could enhance your career options. To answer this question, you might look at the types of occupations listed above and determine if you have an interest or are currently employed in the field.

Are there any prerequisites to taking this program?

Those seeking certification must have a minimum of a four year degree or three years of full time experience in the field of transportation and logistics.

How many modules are required for the CTL?

A person must successfully pass six modules to obtain the CTL. There are three required modules, which all students must take, and six elective modules, which students must choose three from. UW-Superior currently offers all three required modules and three of the six elective modules. Successfully completing the six modules we offer will allow you to obtain your CTL.

Can the program be taken for academic credit?

Currently our program is only offered as a noncredit option. We hope to be able to offer a credit option in the future.

Do I need to purchase textbooks for each module?

Yes. Textbooks required for each module are listed on each of the module info pages.

How do I take modules for the CTL?

Modules are taken through our campus learning management system, Learn@UW-Superior. Students who enroll in the program will receive an account that will give them access to the modules that they enroll in. All lectures, content, and quizzes are administered through Learn@UW-Superior.

How long are the modules?

Modules are offered starting on the second Wednesday of each month. We suggest that you complete each module within four weeks if seeking certification within a six month time frame. We will allow up to eight weeks to compete each module. Extensions beyond eight weeks must be requested by the student.

Can I take modules without seeking certification?

Yes, any module can be taken individually. In the future if you decide to seek certification, modules already taken will count towards your certification.

What other requirements must I fulfill to receive certification?

The modules we offer satisfy the academic requirement portion of the CTL certification. To receive your certification from ASTL you must be a member of ASTL and maintain membership to maintain your certification. A one year membership is included with your program cost. It is the responsibility of the student to maintain membership to ASTL each year after that to maintain certification.

Do you offer scholarships?

At the present time, we do not offer scholarships but hope to in the near future.

Do I have to pay for the entire program at once?

No. You may pay for modules in installments, as the modules are offered.

When can I start?

You can enroll at anytime! All modules will be available as of April 2013 and start on the second Wednesday of the month. View the calendar of upcoming modules to see which modules are currently available.

Are transcripts available?

A copy of your official transcript is provided free of charge with your graduation materials once you complete the program. Additional copies of official transcripts are available for $10 each and must be requested by the student. To request a copy of your official transcript contact us at ctl@uwsuper.edu. Payment can be made by credit card or check to:

University of Wisconsin-Superior
Center for Continuing Education
Attn: CTL Student Records
Belknap and Catlin, PO Box 2000
Superior, WI 54880

Will my VA benefits cover this program?

This program is VA approved. Your level of benefits depends upon military service. You may inquire at the GI Hotline by calling 888-442-4551. You will need to submit the Military Certificate Application Form. Please note that there are five items listed on the bottom of that form that must be submitted with your application.

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