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General Management Principles and Techniques

Transportation and Logistics Certificate Program

General Management Principles and Techniques

Module Details

Total Clock Hours: 32

The general management module promotes a fundamental understanding of four key business areas: accounting, finance, marketing, and information systems.  This module stresses the application and use of these concepts in transportation and logistics management.  Within this context, the objectives for the general management module include understanding:

  • The interrelationships between general management concepts and the transportation/logistics function
  • Of basic accounting concepts and elements and the accountant's role in providing information to both internal and external users
  • Financial statements and comprehending the firm's financial positioning of assets, liabilities, and owners' equity within its business strategy
  • Accounting statements and developing additional data to support management decision-making
  • Financial ratios, cost of capital, inventory fundamentals, and strategies for managing the cash conversion cycle
  • How marketing contributes to improved performance in the marketplace
  • The critical role of marketing in organizations including organizational buying, demand forecasting, and marketing/distribution strategies for different stages of the product life cycle
  • How an information system is designed and its data requirements
  • The applications of information systems in areas such as electronic data interchange, artificial intelligence, and expert systems

Textbooks Required for Module

Understanding Business
Authors: William Nickels, James McHugh, Susan McHugh
ISBN: 9780073524597  |  Edition: 10
Purchase at: Amazon or Publisher Website

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