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Logistics and Supply Chain Strategy

Transportation and Logistics Certificate Program

Logistics and Supply Chain Strategy

Module Details

Total Clock Hours: 32

This CTL module satisfies the requirement for a professional designation in logistics and supply chain management.  The purpose of the PLS is to recognize individuals that have completed a course of study examining the strategies for improving logistics and supply chain operations and are seeking to apply this knowledge within their profession.

The designation is granted to individuals that have successfully passed a comprehensive examination and completed an undergraduate college degree from an accredited academic institution or four years of professional experience.  The objectives of the logistics and supply chain strategy module include understanding the:

  • Supply chain concept
  • Approaches employed to obtain a competitive advantage through supply chain management
  • Techniques employed to improve the performance and efficiency of supply chains
  • Effect of interdependent activities and firms on overall performance and behavior
  • Approaches for measuring performance in the supply chain
  • Strategies for managing the supply chain
  • Different inventory management approaches employed in the supply chain
  • An understanding of the trade-offs made in managing supply chain activities
  • Issues involved in managing supply chain processes
  • Role of logistics management and its effect on supply chain performance

Textbooks Required for Module

Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Authors: Martin Christopher   |  ISBN: 978-0273731122  |  Edition: 4
Purchase at: Amazon or Publisher Website

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